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Sean Lawlor Nelson


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Trump, Comey, and Democracy's Subversion

During our Presidential election, then Director Comey made the blatant decision to publicize Clinton's rather trivial server scandal while keeping...

On the Democratic Party today

The causation of the recent 'failure' of the Democratic Party is complex and multi-faceted. For the philosophical, there is much redemption. The...

Essay: On Cuban-American Relations

Considering that the current Presidential administration has little use for political correctness, let's make use of that reality, and just talk...

An Open Letter to President Trump

Dear Mr. President, This was a fruitful and historic trip. Like Nixon to China, you extended a bridge of peace to the mainstream Islamic world, thus...

Statement: Debt

Statement: First of all, warm greetings to all my friends and colleagues. Now, regarding the subject of debt, the truth is that I've been on a...