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I have 1243 stories published in 10 collections on the site.
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Sean Lawlor Nelson


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Why 'Scientific' Materialism is Unsound

'Scientific' Materialism, although so popular with the pseudo-elites of our still primitive age, is philosophically unsound... and as my quotation...

A Nutshell Case for Expansive American Health Care

(dedicated to Congressman Joe Kennedy iii) The progress of American civilization has largely been the struggle of the civilized human spirit against...

A New 'Dada' Dawns

The sun that rose this morning (on the sick and the well) : on the jubilant and on the mourning is the same that nourished the ancient flowers of...

The Political Season

Although human sufferings and controversies continue through all the months of every year, it would nonetheless be commendable if we could limit the...

Sunday Reflection

Although I was baptized and enjoyed a church upbringing: in the earliest stages of my adult-hood, I was a fervent secularist. As time and wisdom...