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I have 1226 stories published in 10 collections on the site.
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Climate Change: I support the Paris Agreement and feel that if it's imperfect, we should re-negotiate a global 'global warming' treaty as pollution...

Essay: North Korea

As a public intellectual, I'd like to offer my advice. First of all, in trying to get what we want from North Korea, we should talk to them. We...

Statement: Jacksonian Democracy

We forget that our founding fathers were once viewed as criminals by the conventional state of their age. Had the Revolutionary War, something a long...

Statement: Poverty

Statement: Although it's been my honor to have my ideas used here and there, I haven't been paid any money... I don't live in luxury: I don't own a...


I've been fairly active online recently and, in the inherent chaos of trying to shift intellectual paradigms, I've been unable to be entirely clear...