A catalogue of experiences


A beautiful night

A beautiful night By Sean Nelson I wanted to take Janelle to the under 21 club that night. But again and again, I'd called her cell phone, the only...

A Farewell to Reality

It's snowing outside my car windows. Inside, my mind is racing, thinking. A white world is swallowed in icy mist. And I'm starting to realize...


a bird has the adventure of his life, without ever knowing it.

Child of Nature

Thor, a high school runner, wants to run how he wants to run, not how his coach wants him to.

D: Red Goblin Saves the World

Red Goblin, a communist super-villain, resolves to destroy Chez E. Moneymaker Films.

a poem for Sobek

If not for poverty, I would give you a robot hand to serve your electric-head (long green and handsome, apathetic yet aware...) Old Egypt thought you...

Madness montage, vers. 2

Where? Beyond the red door (when sanity's day is done,) you'll find the black-sand far shore of glowing yesterday's sunken sun... between Grecian...

a 'Madman' looks at Forty

Half-grieving another of Pluto's near passages, I hold my flesh-crusted, boil-pocked skull in my feverish phalanges, praying to deities famous and...

Purple Moon Haiku Set

A purple-locked 'Star' climbed a bright yellow mega-snake up to Xanadu Vishnu looked on, and... unimpressed, yawned, and swallowed a high-tech planet...

Garden Poem

I say a blessing in the half-dark, which is the passing pathos in which I live always with a question mark the garden's golden light grows into the...

Half-Life Montage

verdant roses on the jade table... Faustian poppies plump and red on the wall of the kitchen and of 'the soul' or what's left of that once...

Ode to Cannabis Sativa

Herbal flower of old, fairer and dearer than Gold: an 'Elysium' potion: as vast as the ocean... all within a living room , or swimming pool

American nightmare

We are those whom the T.V. baby sat while Moloch was served with ever greater work, who read Hemingway and Joseph Conrad, John Steinbeck and the like...