A catalogue of experiences


A beautiful night

A beautiful night By Sean Nelson I wanted to take Janelle to the under 21 club that night. But again and again, I'd called her cell phone, the only...

A Farewell to Reality

It's snowing outside my car windows. Inside, my mind is racing, thinking. A white world is swallowed in icy mist. And I'm starting to realize...


a bird has the adventure of his life, without ever knowing it.

Child of Nature

Thor, a high school runner, wants to run how he wants to run, not how his coach wants him to.

D: Red Goblin Saves the World

Red Goblin, a communist super-villain, resolves to destroy Chez E. Moneymaker Films.

a poem for Sobek

If not for poverty, I would give you a robot hand to serve your electric-head (long green and handsome, apathetic yet aware...) Old Egypt thought you...

Madness montage, vers. 2

Where? Beyond the red door (when sanity's day is done,) you'll find the black-sand far shore of glowing yesterday's sunken sun... between Grecian...

a 'Madman' looks at Forty

Half-grieving another of Pluto's near passages, I hold my flesh-crusted, boil-pocked skull in my feverish phalanges, praying to deities famous and...

Purple Moon Haiku Set

A purple-locked 'Star' climbed a bright yellow mega-snake up to Xanadu Vishnu looked on, and... unimpressed, yawned, and swallowed a high-tech planet...

Garden Poem

I say a blessing in the half-dark, which is the passing pathos in which I live always with a question mark the garden's golden light grows into the...

Half-Life Montage

verdant roses on the jade table... Faustian poppies plump and red on the wall of the kitchen and of 'the soul' or what's left of that once...