Inspiration point (IP)

It's all around us, so this week's Inspiration Point is: Anticipation. It needn't be about the obvious - although it's fine if it is! Looking forward to reading the results. 

Inspiration point

Parable of the punctured ball

Because we are made of knitted clouds and embroidered grass. Because the sun puts her bare hands on our heads. Is it a blessing? In any case we are...

Fixing Cars and Football! (I.P.)

Fixing Cars and Football! (I.P.) Men are such funny creatures. I feel sure I will never understand them. They say and do things that are completely...

Wisdom IV

In life, where you are most uncomfortable, you grow the most. Learn to relish discomfort. It often lines the path to greatness.

Wisdom III

Failure is the inescapable prerequisite for success. Stay positive and know that you will get there in the end.

Wisdom II

You know nothing of what is possible until you challenge the boundaries of seeming impossibility yourself... Often times you will find that the very...