Inspiration point (IP)

For this week's Inspiration Point I want you to write something with three different trees in it. Good luck!

Inspiration point

What we do

It seems so easy. To lead our daily life. But is it? And we are quite confident in deciding what to do. But are we?

The Crack in the Pavement (I.P.)

I thought cracks in pavements were the responsibility of the council.


Comes a poet at the gate of Heaven. Poor, destitute. The only thing he has to offer: a handful of beautiful words. And yet, the gate swings open.

Mind the Gap (IP)

It’s the gap that gets me; the chasm between how long I want to live and how long I’ve been given. That’s why I’m here, standing by the train tracks staring into the abyss.

Religion for beginners

Is there a place for thoughts, higher than fresh baked bread? Deeper than a cup full of farmer's milk?