Inspiration point (IP)

This week's Inspiration Point very kindly suggested by Ewan:

Reconciliation. Make it political, apolitical, personal, fictional, (auto)biographical, prose, poetry,

ranting, measured, hopeful or despairing. Whatever you want, I promise you we won’t fall out over it. 

Good luck!

Inspiration point

Awoke, then awaking

Fool-fears rule … no capricious ‘gods’ or fickle luck …


I wonder if the editors will rule me 'offside' with this Inspiration Point piece, Heck! It was fun to right anyway...

Friday the 13th

I never paid much attention to superstition. Friday the 13th was supposed to be unlucky, but I never found it to be particularly unlucky. Anything...

Too late in the wrong rain

It's only in the afternoon but it's already dim outside. This is the cruellest time of the day. The moments when there seems to be a crazy battle...