Inspiration point (IP)

This week's Inspiration Point is inspired by onemorething's forum post on a poetry competition: the Artlyst Art to Poetry Award for ekphrastic poetry, and by a wonderful example which she's written.

Here's her post wth all the links:

and here's her poem:’s-frieze-beethoven

You can, of course, translate the genre into prose too. Good luck!

Inspiration point


The stage set: a fancy restaurant. Flowers and wine, candlelight And you costumed in borrowed suit And tie.I ordered duck. The waiter hovered until...

Changing Hands (revised title)

Based on a poem I wrote several years ago. There might be more . . .

The Next Stage

I love it when I visit someone who knows how to play the piano. Eventually, when they feel like it, they'll go over to the keyboard and start to play...


The stage was set for a trigger … but …

Family Theatre

We beg. We borrow. It seems like there’s no lengths or depths we won’t go to give the performance of our lives. We borrow some place mats, and...