Inspiration point (IP)

In light of the big news today, this week’s IP is “mourning”, just that. Mourning, like death, is a universal experience, we should all look both in eye and write about them. Sometimes it helps – if not ourselves – others.



Inspiration point

Orbisonly and Everly

It surely wasn't a candy colored clown that came into my room in my coulaphobic dream last night, more of a drunken punchinello who manipulated me...

The Theory of Everything (take 2)

I originally posted this piece a few days ago. I had this half-arsed notion that I needed to put something up on my birthday and a rare foray to...

Changing One's Mind

The more I reflected on this idea of mine, the more I realised my mind wasn't set.

A mind made up

Of strong opinion, you will find he’ll never change his mind, your temper he will cheerfully wind if you attempt it – he’ll be blind to arguments of...