Inspiration point (IP)

It's a one word Inspiration Point this week: secrets. Don't worry about sharing them - we promise we won't tell anyone!  wink Good luck!

Inspiration point

Gold cherry
Story of the week

Anthony and Cleopatra

Some days it’s all a blur; people are a blur, the weather blurs sun and cloud, windless air and blurred voices carried on the breeze, the blurred...

Winter's Tale

In the dead of winter The winds do chill For this winter’s tale Of love and will... Fie on this day So bleak and cold I fear the battle Takes his...

Somewhere Lake

Martha was a woman who adored the lakes and forests and all the wild creatures, she also loved to sit at side of lake and watch fishermen, studying...

It's Only His Winter Tale

I live in the countryside, but recently saw a fox rummaging through a bin in the nearby town. A loose conntection to the Inspiration Point, but a cautionary 'tale'