Inspiration point (IP)

I'm getting excited about the up-coming total eclipse of a blue (super) moon at the end of this month, so the inspiration point this week is: once in a blue moon.

Inspiration point


The Color of Light. by MarciaMarcia

The Color of Light. ( Poetry Monthly) I heard today that she had given in to fears and insecurity allowing cover to envelop her light and beckon...

An Alternate Universe

Not all is discovered. - This file was donated to the public domain by SpaceX

All is discovered (IP)

All is discovered; to create is to explore like sailors or like lovers searching for the perfect shore. All words are in waiting like the gold that's...

What I don’t understand is …

… newspaper comments shot off without thought on articles improperly read; accusations without humility, pleasure in others’ exposure with no thought...

Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter The cool metal glistens welcomingly in the soft moonlight. Nestled gently in the nook of the elbow, it balances tentatively in a see...