Inspiration point (IP)

Write a letter, a poem, something or anything to or about someone who
has gone. It might be a famous person, someone you know or someone
fictional entirely. No limits there, then, eh?

I look forward to reading what you come up with.

Inspiration point


Punk Bucket

It was the season of the deactivated, the disconnected, the disinterested, the discouraged, the dissociative and the disagreeable. It was summer...

One of my father’s carvings

Relaxation from a desk job, one of his hobbies was carving. I think the occasion for this one was probably his parents golden wedding anniversary...

A Stranger While Scratchin'

I am scratching a $5 lottery ticket. He passes me on his way to the Food Lion. His jeans fit him a whole lot better than mine would fit me if I were...

Big Dreams

We go out walking, not long after dinner, most nights. And this time of year it’s still plenty light out there, but the sunset is on its way down and...