Inspiration point (IP)

This week's inspiration point?  A christmas wish.  You never know, it may come true. smiley

Inspiration point


Remembering isn't enough ...

My paternal grandfather fought in World War I. He lost a leg. My dad, a lifelong story teller, spoke, and wrote (in his own unpublished memoir),...
Gold cherry
Poem of the week


fragments from the past will not join to make a memory we live in the disconnect but for a moment you are there in a sepia photograph with Felix who...

Remembrance Sunday and Sunday's Weekly Remembrance

We remember loss in war, suffering of those who bore much, in order to restore freedom for the many more … Every Sunday we remember him whose love fills us with wonder,

the empty chair

Suicide it was not Living something you forgot Part of grief’s chemistry Would god I'd have died for thee You would be as you could be No sense of...

Pandora's Box

I lost my wallet somewhere between buying a black pudding supper at the chippie, a seagull swooping down on my head at the shortcut to Dickens Avenue...