Inspiration point (IP)

This week's Inspiration Point is inspired by onemorething's forum post on a poetry competition: the Artlyst Art to Poetry Award for ekphrastic poetry, and by a wonderful example which she's written.

Here's her post wth all the links:

and here's her poem:’s-frieze-beethoven

You can, of course, translate the genre into prose too. Good luck!

Inspiration point

Whispered Infection

Whispers insinuate, slither in, infecting dripping twisted truth, injecting – subtly …

Danger and Devotion

Crazy days. You reach the station, and you can see that everything is as it shouldn’t be. Even as the shuttle lands, you can see a difference in the...

Quarantine Bridge

She walks across the bridge every day. It’s the path between her home and the market. Each day, be it windy or sun-filled, wet, frozen, wild, grey,...


Hard not to feel I am in quarantine, Suffering in isolation, after The outbreak of plague, the human disease That afflicts you and me, all in the end...

A Slippery Slope

Part 9 - Flash fiction 500 words - Image from Pixabay