Inspiration point (IP)

Looking outside, it's beautiful - warm, sunny, blue skies - and yet things seem to be falling apart (again) - so I think this week's Inspiration Point is going to be 'contrasts'. Take it anywhere you want to. Good luck! 

Inspiration point

Of Monastries, Moths, and Monoliths

They should have planned for more 'couples' rooms at care homes with differences in gender longevity eradicated by equal living styles and responsibilities.
Gold cherry

Box Room

A North Kent box-room bedroom beneath the roof of a 30’s semi anchored in a sea of thousands. A secure place for toddlers with a paraffin night-light...

Safe Space

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] … space for all from fears to hide. Safe because … As you struggle in this place … ’till reach danger-free ‘home-base’.


Repeating the old, Squeezing into worn old shoes New feet for new roads