Inspiration point (IP)

I don't know if anyone's seen Brad Pitt on the cover of GQ, if not here's a link (scroll down when you get there).

Anyway, this week's inspiration point is just the image, not the click bait story accompanying it on the linked page. Take it where you like, the wrong outfit, people not telling powerful people the truth, the Emperor's New Clothes, whatever you like.

Inspiration point


Unfair (?)

“If I were in her shoes how good I would be. If I had his money I’d give generously presents, all lavish … and look after me, of course! … just so I...

Long Green in the Desert

Professional golfers are finding the green and the greens a lot greener in Saudi Arabia. Perfect. A bunch of entitled Republicans and walking...

Monsters and where to find them

Hiding under the bed or inside the wardrobe, Lurking in the dark corners of a mid-night bedroom. Peering over the sofa or peeping through fingers,...

Bunyan’s Battle

the Pilgrim fought a monster hateful who mocked, made sport of …