Inspiration point (IP)

For this week's Inspiration Point I'm giving you 'fifteen minutes'. Use it in any way that takes your fancy and then come back and post your results here. Good luck!

Inspiration point

Fight for the Throne of the Planet

I chose to view the four so called 'elements' locked in a battle for the planet. In my own mind as I pleaded the case for each I arrived at the final conclusion. An enjoyable creative writing exercise.

Crispy Bacon Bomp

Bomp, Bomp, Bomp Bomp Bomp, Ba, Bomp. Bomp, Bomp Bomp Bomp, Bomp Thus begins Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple. You know you know it. Everybody knows...

Why Came The Storm So Angry?

Why Came the Storm So Angry? Why came the storm so Angry? From whence did the wild wind blow? That dark and gusty unseen prowler An embryonic...

You Just Could Not Fake It.

I watched Crufts this year, not all of it just a few snippets here and there. Over the years I have watched it, and whenever I have watched it, I...