Inspiration point (IP)

Our theme for this week is the number three.  Triples, trinities, triumvirates or steps to heaven, take it where you will, but the number three must play an important part in your story or poem.  Looking forward to seeing the results!  

Inspiration point

L'eau Sous Le Pont (Water Under the Bridge)

I was very poor in French in high school so I decided to make the most of my ultralimited French vocabulary by inserting everything I recalled into one story. Inspired by Insertponcyfrench and inspirational lock down.

Uncertain Days

Uncertainty scares people what are we meant to do? Live our lives in safety or follow our own rule? Some think mask will save us while others have...


Tired of lockdown, hundreds flock down … others bitter… lock-up … divisions … locked in

True Stories (Part 2 or 2)

It took me a few days to work myself up to showing them to Julie. We’d just finished a day of shopping and dress-fittings, and we were seated at a...
Gold cherry
Story of the week

True Stories (Part 1 of 2)

The camera never lies. Except for this camera. This camera is different. # I found the camera in a junk/antiques store. I wasn’t even precisely in...