Inspiration point (IP)

It has barely stopped raining for the past few weeks here, which hasn't been great, but it does mean everything is exceptionally green and this has given me the Inspiration Point for the coming week: choose a colour and see where it takes you. Good luck!

Inspiration point

Little Suzanne

In a two up two down terraced house, is where her pain began. That small green couch, on that busy rug, is where he touched Suzanne. Suzanne had not...

Capturing Garden Memories

Mum's secret dreamy flowers settle gently on my mind, her cooled murmur of breath hidden, yet garnished with droplets from spring showers that cling...

Developmental Hell (Open the Window)

Every night just before I fall asleep, my inner director starts pitching ideas to my inner producer. Some of these ideas have been pitched for months...