Inspiration point (IP)

We all have those special objects that we wouldn't part with.  Or perhaps the object has been lost but their significance remains. What may be junk to others is redolent with meaning to us.  That's the inspiration point - an object of significance.  Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Inspiration point


Nobody would ever confuse me for an apple pie kinda guy. I much prefer cake to pie and I prefer chocolate devils food to vanilla. Some folks say that...

Walking a Mile in My Shoes Searching for Empathy

I've been waiting for the past four days. Waiting for an idea. It's not writer's block because I am sure that the right one will come along as it...

Equilibrium Of Brushstrokes

An artist paints in some eyes fleeting like leaves on a breeze, art work also portrays flesh out of positive energy, compelled by...


With thought of the Fry’s chocolate five boys … and memories of an eccentric old lady and her enjoyment of unpractical plans and dreams