Inspiration point (IP)

It's our reading event tomorrow. We have a wonderful line up and we're hoping to see lots of you there! As quite a few will be travelling some distance, I thought I'd give you all a journey themed Inspiration Point. Poetry or prose including the phrase 'the train on platform four'. Good luck and don't forget to post your results below!

Inspiration point


Where Would I Go?

It rains so hard, That I don’t know, If the world outside, Can still go on. It rains so loud, It fills the air, Until I don’t know, If I’m really...

The Whispering Winds Of Hate

Like a lot of my writing I started in one direction and ended up in another. Still, it qualifies for the Inspiration Point (I hope)

Carolina Blue

I've complained about the weather down South for the past three months. It's been relentlessly hot and humid. They tell me when I come from up North...

When the River Froze

Frozen, the river is a moonscape, not earthly. Not normal. The ice lies cracked on the water and starlight glints madly in crevices.


A month’s worth of “almost biblical” rain fell on the UK