Inspiration point (IP)

I'm fairly sure we've had this one before, but I've been inspired by this wonderful story ( and I hope you will be too - so this week's Inspiration Point is 'Fairytales brought up to date'. Poetry or prose - and if you read it aloud to us, as all good fairytales should be, so much the better! Good luck!

Inspiration point


from the bus' mouth …

"Twenty past nine, at the village green, the forthcoming happenings as yet unseen. Who would be coming along to pay and purchase a ticket for town today? …

the words just came out of my mouth

Every girl is pretty in their own way Even if they happen to be gay When the words just came out of my mouth I expected people to scream and to shout...


On prematurely awaking from a car-nap, Little boy lost …, Nearly three – “You can’t see me!”, How long is high?, A 5-year old’s bedroom

Lincoln's Crumpled Paper IP For my tenth birthday my grandfather presented me with an old wooden cigar box containing...