Inspiration point (IP)

The Inspiration Point this week is ‘fox’ -  animal, cunning, foxy - wherever it leads you. "A fox is subtlety itself' Aristophanes. 


Inspiration point

Cadillacs and Cataracts

According to figures released yesterday by the government, life expectancy has dropped for the first time in years. As of yesterday, that number is...

Fork Ahead!

DANGER! NO ENTRY! …Desire to peek … dabble and paddle … get back on the other track.

Covid and Genes

Lots of folks are concerned about getting their COVID shot. They are afraid that something worse than Covid will be the consequence of preventing...

a fork in the road. IP. By MarciaMarcia

A Fork in The Road Inspiration point do we not live many lifetimes in the one where perhaps ninety springs of buds become blossomed summer’s piece...