Inspiration point (IP)

After a wonderful seaside holiday with the family I've had to wave my daughter and granddaughter off as they return to the USA - who knows when I'll see them again?  So I've plumped for 'wish you were here', as the inspiration point - do what you will with it.

Inspiration point


Throwing Stones

‘You horrible lot will be working at Royal Ascot this summer.’ He looked at us as if we should feel honoured. A horrible lot, teenagers from...

Moonlight Bay

It's Lugi's fault...he got me thinking of Doris Day. So I melded a sort of Romeo & Juliet ending to a forbidden love...not what the Hollywood of the time would have scripted.

Stairway To Heaven

Early years give meaning to passions related desires of possible chance... feeling light as downy feathers, enthusiasm hovering – prowling like...