Inspiration point (IP)

Write a letter, a poem, something or anything to or about someone who
has gone. It might be a famous person, someone you know or someone
fictional entirely. No limits there, then, eh?

I look forward to reading what you come up with.

Inspiration point

Eating Out

An ekphrastic poem inspired by Edward Hopper's painting "Nighthawks"

Why didn’t I really like it? A copy of this was given by an aunt when I was quite young. She was loving and kindly but...

Mary Christmas

I got my best Christmas present 100 years ago today when my mother Mary was born. Her parents had come across the ocean from County Cork, Ireland to...

The Focussed Day

Focus on love focus on giving focus on joy focus on feasting focus on family and friends and also those drifting – pity and compassion shelter and...

Christmas Rhyme

Just a silly Christmas Rhyme at 2020's lock down time. Now we're staying in alone talking only on telephone, good wishes in Christmas cards now that...