Inspiration point (IP)

This week's Inspiration Point is chemistry...however you choose to interpret it. Have fun! 


Inspiration point



I recognised him by his snore - Image from Pixabay
Gold cherry

Just like starting over

I recognized him by his eyes. Those deep, penetrating eyes. He never looked at you. He observed you, analyzed you. As if you were an object of study...

Ice is Old and Blue

Ice is old and blue. Ice is intricate, beautiful and formidable; fragile yet ancient. It can be borrowed and it can be new. Ice is related to clouds...

My Top Ten.

There are some fantastic things to watch on telly. 10. I love Inspector Morse. I have watched him for decades. 09. I love Vera, the actress who plays...
Gold cherry

Joyful, frugal celebration!

Her ring was old, her grandma’s gold; her love, commitment new and true; her dress she’d had to borrow … no sop to superstition, or slavish following of tradition – just