Inspiration point (IP)

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, so maybe that influenced me, or maybe it's other things, but in any case this week's Inspiration Point is:  the eyes have it.  Hope you enjoy it!

Inspiration point

Religious rituals …

stress-easing, self-pleasing … nor resolving loneliness of human frailty, questions of heart’s hungry honesty …

The Way I Am

I set the table. It has to be just right. I’m nervous as all hell, and it doesn’t help. I line the forks up, checking the angle, once, twice, again...

The Explorer

I set the table. It has to be just right. The table itself, old and oak, inlaid with shells, whorled with carvings, round and raised and varnished...
Gold cherry

Bedtime Rituals

The bedtime ritual, that’s what she called it, just a bit of organisation, a bit of tidying up before bed. In truth it was a monster, silent,...

Solemnity in Paradise

The lines in my palms glistened a violent crimson, and I realized with hopelessness what had occured. A blissful feeling in the air surpassed my dread, and my eyes shot up to her glowing face in the dark. " You made me do it again. "