Inspiration point (IP)

The Inspiration Point this week is ‘fox’ -  animal, cunning, foxy - wherever it leads you. "A fox is subtlety itself' Aristophanes. 


Inspiration point


Coming Home

In that second through crowds, just like experiencing calm ocean of dazzling aqua marine; melted hearts of awareness hover, transfixed shining smiles...

Coming Home

Home, sweet home. (Flash fiction - 350 words approx.)

In Process

Some authors begin with a title Some with an event. Some with a character or two. Some with an ending. Those who begin with an ending, know how...

Homecoming and Going

I don't know whether I'm coming or going. I'm going home next week where there will be a Homecoming in my honor. I haven't been home in three years...

No More

Some Flash Fiction (under 400 words) Picture from Pixabay. As the family of four made short bread cookies, Dave saw Kathy rub her ever expanding...