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My stories have been read 28543 times and 18 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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How to look after unwanted crocodiles

Like wasps are coloured yellow-black, like the sun will die in five billion years, like demons have the effigy of our enemies, so am I armed to the...

Strange fruit

One day it will happen that I settle myself in this friendly clay. The soil is ready for it, that's for sure. It has always been me who looks...

That which does not kill us

Can you believe it? Behind what lasts exists another living, next to what's real occurs something less discernible. Like if I am a beekeeper (...

What remains

I collected them all: my tragic moments, my fatal dramas. As if I wanted to examine what the worst thing is that ever can happen to a person. One day...

No greater harmony

It's not the flood I'm fearing. The flood will look after herself. I mean, if a flood is an act of god (and in my opinion, most floods are an act of...