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My stories have been read 43642 times and 22 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Oops, there goes gravity

For sure, if I would have been a bit more of a saint, I could have been a smug creator. I would have been able to generate a space with happy trees,...

The man who wasn't there

He had never thought about it. He has been thinking about a lot of other things. About the difference between robins staying in the country during...

Please, don't be angry

Not all of us live their dreams. Not all of us can devour fresh cherries during Indian summers. Let alone if we can tear clouds from the sky to build...

To what is happening

I dreamed I woke up. I heard the peachy waves hitting the metal parts of cargo ship. I heard the carnal cries of sea gulls in a spiritual space. A...

When light touches the earth

The hallmark of a game. Is it mainly that you are allowed to make fun at any time? Try this visiting a church, watching art in a museum, singing the...