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Peter was one of the very first customers I ever pulled a pint for on my first day working in a local pub. For that I shall always remember him...

All that's left is me

I see myself once a week When the pints are empty My armour is stripped I can't remember the books I was supposed to have read And all that's left Is...


Maybe I Don't want to die, actually I just want to feel funny And keep watching Buffy

A Glimpse of Mom

It was Wednesday, the day of the week for her Pond Loop walk. Even though it was late spring, the weather was unseasonably cool. The temperature and...

Chilly Void

Another Poem thing

Walk in the Woods

A ballad I wrote while in school, sort of strange and silly. Figured someone might like it.

The Flat Earth in Inverness

In Greig Street, less than a stone’s throw from the River Ness, in Inverness is a double fronted shop. The front is painted black and along the tops...

Omar's Diary - Sunday 26th August 2018

ITINERANT SERVANT - BANK HOLIDAY - THE OBSERVER - SCHOOL HOLIDAYS Last week, while the weather was still warm, Lady and Man Servant were whisked away...

The Northern Scot 17th August 2018

This isn’t so much about a particular place that is off the beaten track, rarely visited and even more rarely ever visited. No, it is about a few of...

The Kindness of Strangers

I first became aware of this phrase when I was given a copy of Kate Adie’s autobiography entitled ‘The Kindness of Strangers’. She chose the title to...