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These are the dark days. The bitter moments. I lay and listen to the melody of my body. A paralysing song. Humming, drumming, breaking and unbreaking...

Macro Production

Pretty sure that spiders aren't afraid of death. They just keep doin' what they're doin' until they stop. Last week, my wife figured out a use for me...

A Song For David Bowie

Hear this David Jones I wrote a song for you About a strange young man called Bowie With a voice like poetry in motion. He was the man who sold the...
Gold cherry

What Kept Me From Wanting . . .

What kept me from wanting to die sometimes was a look on her face in the mirror It told me not to be thinking such thoughts get a grip on yourself...


Memories of Troy and Ancient Greece, World War 1, and speculations about nearby Albania, from Corfu. A Beautiful Palace on top of a mountain overlooking Corfu Town.

Bike Thieves

Marissa was a tomboy, her curly black shin hairs and skills at football on the playing field making her the talk of Primary Five. Early on in our...

Are We Going To See Corfu?

There are more beaches to sit on, 2 fortresses, parks and museums, and that’s just in Corfu Town. The buses are usable but confusing. They seem to go...


november upon returning there was uploading: photographs of concrete autumn leaves communism river water coffee in a conical flask bridges were...

Destiny Road

The first four days of November determine the course of Emma Johnson's life