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Conundrums, Referendums and Anti Semitism

Its a conundrum that we just can't solve. Should we stay or should we go? Will we wreck our economy or lose our rights? Or will we save a hell of a lot of money and give tax cuts to the rich?

Dryden Dude Faction

Call me Otto. Clearly, I’m not as stupid as I appear to be or pretend to be, that wouldn’t be possible although it might be preferable to the...


This is not a word from the dictionary of obscure sorrows. To save anyone looking it up (if needed) as I realise there is a danger of becoming irritating despite Luigi’s point that it inspires curiousity, it means a feeling that cannot be represented in thought or the unthinkable.

LLR 4 (continued)

Trying to avoid the crack epidemic along with the rest of public housing's craziness by staying home as much as I could and going out only when I had...

Otto and the Dude Reel 3

And just like that, except for reflection and analysis minus thought and regret, it was pretty much over. Dude never looked back. He finished his...