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I have 301 stories published in 14 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 38660 times and 46 of my stories have been cherry picked.
3 of my 160 comments have been voted Great Feedback with a total of 3 votes

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I'm Just Writing a Story on the Computer

On balance, I'm not a fan of the word "just". "Just" as an adjective is fine and in the case of this sentence, it is fine as a noun. "Just" as an...

300 A perfect Example

I've heard it said that deciding to become a teacher is like deciding to open up a bowling alley in your mind. I'm a much better teacher than I am a...

Teach to the Test and Commence

If you're gonna teach it, you've got to test it. If you're gonna test it, you've got to teach it. Create the test at the beginning of insruction not...

Prior to embracing Ambiguity

I remember a time before I decided to embrace ambiguity and make it my life work that I felt a weird sense of relief that Albert Einstein had come up...


Learning? I’ll tell you about Learning! You’re asleep in a dark room. It’s nighttime. You’re having a dream that is nowhere near lucid. The dream is...


3 of my comments have received 3 Great Feedback votes

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ain't cherries great

Posted on Wed, 16 Mar 2016

the problem is they become addicting. I'm starting to almost reach the point that I want my stories to be cherry winners instead of just stories and we know what kind of art that generates. Don't let the cherries go to your head...take this...

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very promising

Posted on Sun, 21 Feb 2016

I will continue to read which is the height of compliment, isn't it?

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paragraphing is important

Posted on Sun, 14 Feb 2016

yes it is and your paragraphing style moves the reader briskly through the content. Maybe reconsider the commas in the last sentence. I love it when stories end with a very short parageraph. Bravo

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