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Disputin' Putin

The motivation of Putin's desire to devour Ukraine regardless of cost is perfectly self-evident. The desire is evident to Putin himself and nobody...

Summarizing Summaries and Finding Treasure

We forget 90% of what we read within 24 hours. Then over the next week we forget 90% of that 10%. 10 years after reading Moby Dick, we might recall...

Real Time Calm

This is real time. He's heading toward us. We hope to God he isn't heading at us. He already savaged Puerto Rico made his way East and then ripped...

The Wisdom of Didion

Inaction is the opposite of action. I have become a man of inaction which begs the question, does writing qualify as action? What is writing anyway;...

In and Out of Scarlet Woods

In and Out of the Scarlet Woods Nobody saw them come out of the woods. Nobody saw them enter the woods. Nobody knew what went down in the woods...


46 of my comments have received 49 Great Feedback votes

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just below the surface

Posted on Mon, 03 Aug 2020

in the darkness where falling to greater depth is flying. We are only fearsome at the surface where we misunderstand and are misunderstood simultaneously.

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Posted in Sea Monsters

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Reminders of unconditional love

Posted on Mon, 20 Jul 2020

bring us courage every time that we connect with them.  A beautiful, heart felt poem that will touch the heart of all readers.

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Posted in "Anna's Blanket"

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simply irresistible

Posted on Thu, 21 Sep 2017

a few clean up notes

get rid of a couple "littles"

clarify this sentence" The look, in her mind’s eye, that right now made her want to her jump right back on one and go home"

seek alternatives to the word "seem" ( appear,...

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Posted in Wrinkles

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Still with ya

Posted on Fri, 30 Sep 2022

love the set up.

Four days quickly passed.

careful not carful

do as you please

And I thnk the first sentence would be better if you used active voice rather than passive voice and got rid of that "importantly" adverb...

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Posted in The .......Part Two

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Hey Maxine

Posted on Sat, 24 Sep 2022

What a start. Engaging, coherent. Enjoyed reading it. I'd give it a cherry even though we have to await the resoultion but the set up is great. 

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Posted in The .......

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Posted on Thu, 22 Sep 2022

On capturing an ethereal shimmer; the essence of poetry

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Posted in In Lucid Dreams

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Posted on Sun, 04 Sep 2022

what a ride. Readable from start to finish. Good work

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Posted in Miracle Baby???

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Posted on Tue, 30 Aug 2022

is a requirement for great writing. Your clarity is great in this piece. Not all clarity is engaging but this piece engages with the power of coherence and clarity. Thank you for this.

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Posted in Nanny part 1

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Lovely rembrance

Posted on Thu, 25 Aug 2022

As a committed Scrabble player, I appreciate every detail of this story. I usually play against the computer so there's never gonna be a mystery zee as there was in this great story.

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Posted in Where's the Z?

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hey Drew

Posted on Sat, 20 Aug 2022

We call it soccer over here and it's growing in popularity. The sterotype of soccer fans unfortunately is a bunch of rowdy drunks beating the shit out of each other. We are big fans of Ted Lasso over here for whatever that's worth. Fandom is a...

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Posted in King of Contradiction