Odds and Sods - Short Stories

A Walk in the Dusk

You’re walking back from school. You had an hour’s detention with Mr Smith for not handing your English homework in on time – great; Mum’s going to...

Through the Looking Glass

“Wot you lookin’ at? I shouted. The cunt was givin’ it. He kept staring, not saying anyfin, just staring at me. So I kicked him, yeah maybe too many...


21:23, that evening – 02/09/67 “ Car 12k. Car 12k. Reported shots fired at Detective Caruthers’ Ford Mainline Sedan. Registration: Kilo Lima Hotel-...

Rows of Dwindling Crowds

Harder and faster the young boy peddles, past stalls of dried mulberries and walnuts, smoky dens and cafés, oil dripping kebaberies and butcheries,...

From the Bottom...

“I’ve been at this all morning.” he said, nodding determinedly. “I’ll catch this one, you’ll see.” He draped the fishhook into the pool, puffing on...

The Hare and the Hound

Unjust. A tale of unjust moral standards and social norms. Not told by the Tottenham Moors Travellers nor their easterly counter-parts, but the story...

The Misfit - Short Story

Considered titles: The Misfit. The Misfit's Deadliest Sin. Survival and Retribution in Georgia. A Slow Pilgrimage to Georgia. This is a piece for University submission, it had to be a prequel/sequel to Flannery O'Connor's 1953 short: A Good Man is Hard to Find - definitely worth a read! All comments will be seriously appreciated and returned on your recent works when they pop up! Regards, J. A. Stapleton.

Pondering in the Powdery Snow.

A post-modernist take on the tale of Little Snow-White by the Brothers Grimm. Once upon a time in midwinter, when the snowflakes had sprinkled from...

'Catch me when you can...'

‘Catch me when you can…’ Dr. A. Sippitt washed his hearty breakfast of green figs and yoghurt down with a lukewarm cup of tea and slipped his...


RUN, RABBIT, RUN. On the farm, ev'ry Friday On the farm, it's rabbit pie day So ev'ry Friday that ever comes along I get up early and sing this...

'Till You're Home Again

“It seemed a fitting song to kiss the America I knew goodbye: You Belong to Me – The Duprees. I heard it first back in ’62 when America was merely an...

The Little Red Coat

The Little Red Coat. NOSTALGIA [nostalgia] n. 1. Longing for a happier or better time in the past. [1] ONE. It was late, sometime around one or two...

Roots - Non-Fiction Group Project (1 of 2)

“Home is where you hang your hat” – English Proverb. Rather than feeling nostalgic or sentimental , one should simply accept any place where one...

Roots - Non-Fiction Group Project (2 of 2)

It was probably three in the afternoon when I emerged, doing an impression of a Seven Dwarf, and so, I then headed on to the not so short, almost...

The Woman at the UEA

The whole thing was bizarre, très à la Bond . Waiting in my name were tickets to Copenhagen International.


President Kennedy suffered “no permanent damage” from a bullet wound sustained in an assassination attempt in Dallas yesterday afternoon.

Beyond Bronson Hill

On those wintry nights, Ms. Abigail Parker wasn't sure exactly when the day ended, and the evening began.

The Chemical People

Sister Mary Calder padded over to the single caged grave in the churchyard.

Triumph der Verdammten

JOSEPH GETTLER sat in silence: staring at his eggs, at his new breakfast bar, with his wife and two daughters laughing, in his six-bed Cambridge townhouse, feeling like he’d become completely unstuck.

Jeopardy in Beta Block

In a near-dystopian future, CID Inspector, Jeopardy Carter, stumbles on a conspiracy involving a leading construction tycoon and the privitization of council properties. If she doesn't pull the plug on her investigation, things could get worse for the residents of block beta.

Out of the Frying Pan

Frank Klein figured he was being watched the moment the doors closed behind him with their pneumatic hiss.