The Conspiracy

At least once a fortnight I will update ABC with a new chapter of my upcoming novel: The Conspiracy. 

The story of Vincent – a dead-end Union Trucker with a dream: to stay out of trouble and pave his way in life. This will change one new year’s eve in 1964 as he is sent spiraling through the rabbit hole that is the underbelly of the American constitution. Marvel as he encounters gangsters, politicians and spiritual leaders alike in the fight for the United States’ polluted soul with the help of a depressed FBI agent and an outrageous Cuban mobster.

All feedback given will be taken into serious consideration, as I am very sincere about my debut novel and want this to be as best as it can be with the help of you, my fellow writers, your opinion matters most to me.


J. A. Stapleton.  

The Conspiracy: Chapter One [Complete]

CHAPTER ONE Chicago, IL, December 31st 1963 He answered his question: the younger Vincent knew exactly what to fucking do as the car drew to a...

The Conspiracy: Chapter Two [Part I]

CHAPTER TWO Chicago, IL, January 1st 1964 An end to this? An end to fucking what? Vincent asked himself for the six hundred and sixty sixth time. He...