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I have 103 stories published in 17 collections on the site.
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J. A. Stapleton is the author of three crime novels. His book, film and TV reviews are available on Instagram at @j.a.stapleton.

His Detective Lacey novels are being edited. The series span four books set in Los Angeles between December 1941 and September 1949, combining the historical milestones of the era with fictional crime cases. His literary influences are Ian Fleming, Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Raymond Chandler and James Ellroy. 

The first book in the Detective Lacey series "THE PATROLMAN" will be available on ABCTales.com.

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My stories

The Hungry Caterpillar

It was certainly uncommon to most museums. Never have the items, precious, been up for sale, starting at a round one-hundred pounds and upwards from...


HERMITAXIA Rhianna waited in line, and noticed a guy, around her age, sitting on a sofa across the bar from her. Out of all the white men in all the...

The Second World War: PART 10 - Otto Krause - Nuremberg (1946)

KRAUSE 10. 1946 NUREMBERG It was blisteringly cold on the morning of October sixteenth in the south-eastern state of Bavaria. The Palace of Justice,...

The Second World War: PART 9 - Roger Farrier - Paris (1945)

The smashed mirror of water became whole once more when the unshaven face emerged from its depths.

The Second World War: PART 8 - Adelise Gèroux - Paris (1944)

Roger Farrier crossed the landing and unlocked the door marked 16A, stepping inside and twisting the lock behind him in the same movement. He slotted the thin brass chain into place and, while drawing it to the right, a horrid feeling came over him.