Paint It, Red

For one of my University submissions we were had to apply a set piece of 3,000 a genre from a list of them.  I chose from this list defamiliarization.  Please let me know if I have achieved a certain sense of it within the piece.  All comments will be returned! 

J. A. Stapleton.


Paint It, Red (Part I of II)

1 An hour later I was back in my cell, sweating again, plotting my own death. I missed my wife Katharine terribly. But, above all things circulating...

Paint It, Red (Part II of II)

4 The tires of the black ’62 Lincoln Continental dug in and spat out the gravel with frustration. It drew alongside the flight of steps leading into...

Paint It, Red (Part II of II) REVISED.

4 ♯ It's not easy facing up when your whole world is black. ♯ -- -- sat upright in his seat and filled the rear-door compartment of his ’62 Lincoln...