Through War & Adversity

Through War & Adversity is the expansion of my dissertation piece, titled here as the Second World War, this attempt at a first novel is an anthology of the lives different service men and women experienced during the most-violent struggle in human history.  


Once Upon a Time in Nazi-Occupied Europe:

An RAF pilot is captured by the Nazis on the moonlit shores of Dunkirk and is interned to the Stalag Luft III Prisoner-of-war camp at Sagan.

When he escapes his family, allies and enemies wonder where he's gone to, while each fulfilling the own trepidations of their lives before and after they met the legendry Roger Farrier.  


All feedback is appreciated and will be acknowledged in the book should this become a published novel.  Many thanks and the kindest regards, J. A. Stapleton. 

Through War & Adversity - Chapter 1

The burly man lying face down in the sand may have well been dead.

Through War & Adversity - Chapter 2

When Adelise Gèroux finished packing her life into a single tattered suitcase she walked out onto the third-floor balcony of her boarding house to take in the evening air.

Through War & Adversity - Chapter 3 - Part I

The Gestapo man took the 9mm Walther P08 out of his pocket. He screwed a silencer fitted for a Luger (the manufacturers made no difference) to the muzzle’s front end, and flicked the safety catch down, and waited for some courage, courage to kill this woman.

Through War & Adversity - Chapter 3 - Part II

The man’s index finger curled gingerly around the trigger and tugged on it once.