Historical Fiction

The Lights Of Sydney

The Lights Of Sydney - by Paul McCann It’s vivid in the City where the people have all gone , cruising around Sydney harbour and the lights are...

The Devil's Surgeon Part 2

When a stranger arrives at the gates of a plague hit town, the town's meddling priest takes it upon himself to deal with the matter.

The Ashmen

They came to these shores in great numbers - (cco creative commons image) -

The Devil's Surgeon Part 1

I'm out of my comfort zone with this one. It's still first draft even though I've been writing it on and off for a couple of years. I hope you like it. It begins with a burial...

Princil's Magic : Ch.8: (Part 3) Escape From Cromilil

Mothers and sisters use their charms and Princil's Magic to escape the conquered city and join the resistance of their people of Shalirion.

25th October 1415

Bring me my bow of burning gold. it wasn't gold. It was just yew. And gut. Taut. Tight. Terrified. So many. So few. Bodkin. Sounds nice. Forged then...

Through War & Adversity - Chapter 3 - Part II

The man’s index finger curled gingerly around the trigger and tugged on it once.

Through War & Adversity - Chapter 3 - Part I

The Gestapo man took the 9mm Walther P08 out of his pocket. He screwed a silencer fitted for a Luger (the manufacturers made no difference) to the muzzle’s front end, and flicked the safety catch down, and waited for some courage, courage to kill this woman.

Princil's Magic : Ch.8: (Part 2) Dwarves

Dwarves involved in the invasion of Shalirion are ready to take their pillaged treasures of the conquest back home across the sea, but are forced to consider the value of profit over the value of their own lives and the lives of their prisoner/servants.

World peace

When a bullet struck the side of Erast Urbansky’s knee, on the 24th of October, 302 years from your present, shot by Yevgein Garin from a sidearm, as...