Historical Fiction

Welcome In Welsh

Welcome In Welsh The hills are alive with the light of the sun. The rain never came to Wales. The mountains are growing, the sea is calling. The kids...

Golf For the Book

As I prepare for the release of my book, I get the opportunity to bring together snippets of stories and gather them together to look like the way that I imagined them in the first place. The short writings are like scenes. You shoot all the scenes and you put the movie together. This one is gol for the book.

Conundrums, Referendums and Anti Semitism

Its a conundrum that we just can't solve. Should we stay or should we go? Will we wreck our economy or lose our rights? Or will we save a hell of a lot of money and give tax cuts to the rich?

Sunday in this Church

She said grace To save face He said a prayer And put another layer On the lies The Preacher knew the score He thought about a Sermon Called the devil...

Jaspernon The Prince : The Rise of the Cult of the Goddess: Ch.2 The Tower: Part 2 Lady Riala (Section3)

The King's Concubine Lady Riala is looking for the Prince, and has been told by the Prince's friend where he might be, so she goes to look for him in the Tower. This is Section 3 of this Part, set 1,000 years before the events in 'Life and Times of a Priestess'.

She was just done.

she was no hero. she was just done. exhausted from backbreaking work bone-deep tired of her bowed neck completely out of "yes, ma'am" and "yessir"...