Historical Fiction

The Morland Expedition: Part 2 - The Tale of the Mummy

NB: Cover image is my own creation from Creative Commons media. Sequel to The Huxley Letters , detailing the honeymoon travels of airship pilot Lady Clara and mill worker turned heroic nobleman Sir Christopher "Kit" Morland. During a Christmas visit to the Muurbloems, Clara shares a tale from her recent travels to Egypt: one concerning a mysterious event that occured in an ancient prince's tomb.


Bang, crash, raw, forked lightening! It was the perfect storm the rogue Nazi doctors had been waiting for as no one would be outside on such a...

Foyle's War, The Synchro-Mesh Gearbox.

I love watching Foyle’s War, I don’t watch it on a regular bases but whenever I watch it, I love it and learn SO much. I think Michael Kitchen is...

Alien Opportunities Ch.3 : Alien Practices Part 2

Chris returns to the Alien Household hoping to confirm his friendship and position there, and finds himself talking to a daughter of his boss, who engages him in deep and pleasant conversation, in which he reveals much of his true self.

Meet Henry Chainbridge - an excerpt from EAGLES HUNT WOLVES

Oxfordshire, England 1946 His hair was as absent-minded as his cardigan. The gallery, a modest faux-Tudor building on the main street of Little...

Excerpt from EAGLES HUNT WOLVES - Who the hell is Henry Chainbridge?

Berlin 1946 Wendell H. Keyburn watched the ruins of the city flash by from the back seat of the British Embassy car. The upholstery was plush, the...

Sally Part 1

Sally Tamworth Open Mining Company, site office 1850. It was the thunder of heavy iron shod boots on the wooden stairs to his office, that pulled...

Alien Opportunities Ch.3 : Alien Practices Part 1

Chris recoils from his shared experiences with the alien female. He begins to question the motives of the aliens, but somehow he cannot bury the feelings which have been released. He returns to the office the next day with some new insights.

I, Eyvindur: To the Land of Wine (V - Runestone)

Runes: a symbol upon small stones, pieces of bone, etc., bearing symbols with mysterious or magic significance, and used in divination. From rúnir/rúnar : magic signs, hidden lore .