Sausage Fingers

Those sausage hands, dripping in mustard Closely, slowly griping my mouth Jellied fingers, knuckles cracking Slipping around, heading-on South

Siege Of Leningrad

Siege of Leningrad, Starvation and cruel noose around the city by Nazi fascists. Hitler wanted them to suffer, Content to let them starve slowly to...

The Day That I Went Blind

The day that I went blind, the Ochills blurred magnificently before me, with tears running down my cheeks. I remember the road signs on the M90 as...

Seeing the Doctor for the First Time

The doctor, black bosomed, sharp of eye Blushes behind clipboard, poised, Steadying her gaze 'I know your sister, Julie,' I say '...she was in my...

Charlotte Finds A New Employment : Ch.1 : The Far Eastern Gentleman's Offer

The Western economies have become stagnant. Charlotte and her friends are queueing for work at a job centre in Britain when a far eastern gentleman gives them a tantalising job offer. Each of them has to decide whether they would be willing to give sexual favour in return for the money they so desperately need.

Honey Froyo

'Smooth, darling! Like you've just been eating honey froyo?' I throw my eyes in his direction, killer intent is not hard to conjure. Alex clicks away...

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.11: Dumis (Part 2 - Section 2)

Danella observes that there are many 'spinsters' in Prancir, due to the great loss of male life in the last major war, and wonders why they cannot share the males. Set in an alternative world which reflects our own.

Lager, Lager, Lager. Mega, Mega...

'Excuse me, I don't wish to interfere, But the lady in the stripey sweater Just gone and legged it with a crate of beer I thought that to tell you...

Life and Times of a Priestess: Ch.11: Dumis (Part 2 -Section1)

Danella discovers how important the desire for love and restrained sexuality are in the arts and culture of Prancirian society. Set in an alternative world which reflects our own.

Pontius (Ch.15): Part 1

Pontius, the Supreme Director of MIOST (Martan Imperial Outer Space Technologies) is ready to leave his offices in the HQ and to enjoy well deserved relaxation, but his staff and workers are not quite so perfect. Set in the alternative futuristic world of Marta and Gallanol In The Modern Age.