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Conceived in an alley born in a cave raised on seaweed. Spent my early years on a roofrack. Left School at 10 caught by truant officer back at school by 11. I'm a twin of two others and I can play several instruments in my head and none with my hands. My first job was part time I painted the odd numbers on dice. I made a career out of avoiding a career.  My body is a temple often prodded by archeologists.


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Countryside (spoiled)

Thorny hedges Uncut grass Smell of rain And broken glass Scattered by the road A soaking piece of paper Ink crawling off its edge I see a single...

A Trip of Trepidation

Sailing on a stormy salty sea Searching for salvation Travelling on a train of thoughts Departing an empty station Aboard a bus on a beaten path...

Little England

Little England Has grown small We used to be full of life We used to stand tall Now we peak from behind a wall Little England Used to welcome...

Disco Love

I was drunk Trapped in a disco Trying to find the exit The flashing lights Found the ladder in your tights As my eyes climbed up You were drunk Our...

Two Ships

She bought 40 cigarettes Two lottery lucky dips I imagined her on the oceans edge Looking for one or two ships To come on home She lives alone with...