'The Firmament.'

G a ia! - She is a pure planet ! And here we are in a land of ten thousand trees. ...Can you see the ' firmament ' ? - Firmament? Chamomile Tea was confused. The word did not translate well her mind. What does that mean? ...It is something that the ancient ones referred to: 'The dome that holds the heavens up.' Can you feel it over the mountain, yes?

The Hush-A-Bye-Wind

The Hush-A-Bye-Wind By Paul McCann La la listen to the hush-a-bye-wind , rushing and gushing to you . The wind blows easy and the wind blows slow ,...

Piddle Pig and the refugees

Mamma was in Eva’s bedroom, with the storybook in her hand, coaxing her daughter to sleep. Her room was fuzzy pink and cosy. The thick pages of...
Gold cherry


Sofie is not human. That, she thinks, is a sensible place to start her story. She looks somewhat human – to be more exact, she looks somewhat like a...

Stag Boy

written for kids in mind


Written for a children's magazine.. Maybe too abstract!

An 18 month-old meets Penelope the Penguin

‘Hello! I’m Penelope the Penguin’ (Mum wriggling bright hand puppet) “He-ow” (huge smile from ear to ear, shining eyes) …

A Face in the Clouds

"A fishing trip will be good for you," mom said. "You never go anywhere anymore. This is your chance to get out in the woods. Now scoot." James didn'...

The Beginning of the Rainbow

A long time ago a legend was told about a Pot of Gold at the end of a rainbow. And about two young boys who dreamed about finding that treasure...