Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (20) Tease Me Please Me (Part 01)

Yvonne Makin closed the traditional loss making Spa Hotel in Pangmere and opened the House of Fun, where spa treatments like Raki and Reflexology were replaced by a more exotic menu for those inclined more towards restraints, punishments and the more unusual pleasures.

Venus Swallows a Gnat, and That

I just had a vision, life treacherous to the bone, all unkind; were it not for eyes it would be blind poetry is done books past all caring, the novel...

Adam Asleep 400

Learning? I’ll tell you about Learning! You’re asleep in a dark room. It’s nighttime. You’re having a dream that is nowhere near lucid. The dream is...


Books are a passport for me to the ages. When I see one standing upon a library or bookstore shelf, I think of the many ideas that lie within and the...
Gold cherry
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Wai Peipei Comes Of Age

Written six years ago but nothing changes (much) so I'm posting it again ----- Dedicated to Albatrosses everywhere ----- (Image of dead Albatross chick and stomach contents from Wiki commons) ---- Link to ---- WE ARE ALL GUILTY


The colour of her Kohl uncertain, she flips the pages of the magazines. No hint, no clues, no advice. Disguised as the voice of reason: Common sense...

Icon QW

What serpents serve thee? What sheds from under your fingernails? Brims from your eyes? Scums on your teeth? Is it pride? Is it tacit? Are you a mere...

An Abstraction of Queer Shame

She did it for me, Without rhyme or reason, Unlocked my love for women in the pit of my stomach. Let it spread with a sunset of purple mirth through...

If Tears Had Color

If tears had color Would we paint the walls? Flood the ocean? Waves of rainbow wrawl? Would they be thick, like blood? Stinking of human pain, Would...