Ead’s Invisible Bin Spaceship

A little Douglas Adams inspired story I did in 2017 before you can't gather in public spaces anymore. From my book of short stories:

Pound for the guy

This was written in an english lit lesson at uni 2016

A place without Rainbows

A Place Without Rainbows You look out onto the meadow. It’s surreal almost, the most purely saturated colors assault your senses. It’s breathtakingly...

I Belong To Her

The adventures I’ve gone through to get to where I am today. To exist. Slipped in and out of an old pair of Vans, whirling round and round a washing...

Ch.19 : Campaigns : Part 2 (Marta and Gallanol In The Modern Age)

Pontius, the Cheif Executive of MIOST breakfasts alone in his suburban home, watching news reports of new demonstrations against the new (unnecessary?) massive tunnel project to the islands. He cannot understand the demonstrators, or their purpose. They present 'common sense' arguments against the projects, which seem so alien to someone so driven by the concepts of economic expansion and growth. This is set in the Modern Age of the Martan Empire and Gallanol.


I opened the door to a tiny package, filled with promise and hope. The sweet, tiny contents seemed so harmless. Delicate. They crept insidiously into...


Anyway just got my ancestry DNA report back, turns out that I'm not Anglo Saxon, just one of the original inhabitants, an Angle. Must be why I'm so...

The Warmth

The boots left tracks in the frigid, freshly fallen snow. As each minute passed, the heavy, silent precipitation came to a rest within them, filling...

Upon My Soul

Neither up nor down. (Flash fiction -approx.700 words)