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kris elvvell

1st Responder/Rescue Swimmer/Paramedic/ER Nurse Cert. Air Rescue/Life Flight Cert. Trainer-Water Rescue-Police. Freediver- Swim teacher for handicap & other traumatized souls. Love my Job*


Photo-Underwater - taken by my wife (asending from a free dive)

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Ode<2> my-crew (4) '22'

It’s a Rant……………… Could be a Rhyme……. Definitely <NOT> trying to be a Poem with the Poet Masters here….. That would be a poetic crime… Written...

7 Sets of Nigeria

Every water rescuer agrees; One of the most deadly rescues, if not <thee> most deadliest rescue situation is; The Big Wave Break Zone Fast...

Cursed Muse

As the saying go’s “Beauty is a Curse” and it is so with the Lifeguard Captains #2. The Lifeguard Captain, DJ, explains it like this; “Take a deep...

pslam from <35°51'53.3"N 12°50'55.2"E>

35.864814, 12.848668 Come on, I say as I lit another candel today....... Hold on to me Jesus I need a bit more power as I reach a helping hand I’m...

Pirates of Privilege & Princess Rescues From Above

Follow me, live in the moment Put a pinch of salt in the palm of your hand Stick your tongue on it Slowly lick your way to the end of your fingers...


40 of my comments have received 41 Great Feedback votes

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Dear Red

Posted on Wed, 30 Mar 2022

From a mans point of view, I feel compelled to express myself as to why I relate to this poem. (see and feel it in a way)......

Some years ago I had a young teenage girl, some how by chance or fate, transfer over in one my of Jr. Lifeguard...

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Posted in Metamorphosis

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Yep* Spirit of Sleepy Hollow 'captured'

Posted on Sun, 30 Oct 2022

You got it* Loved it* Waiting with baited breath for the next 1....


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Posted in "Spirt of Sleepy Hollow on All Hallows Eve" (a short tale) Part 1

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I read your works.....

Posted on Sun, 08 Jan 2023

Because I thoroughly enjoy them.....

another, for your master collection, all the best = 2023....


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Posted in "Willow's Missing Tail" 7

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Posted on Wed, 04 Jan 2023

Both Poetry & Prophesy....

The soundcloud totally does it justice +.

Thx Obee-Won-Ewan

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Posted in The New Maths Project

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Taken on a vision, captured in words...

Posted on Tue, 03 Jan 2023

Finely penned, soul moving, not only in your words, the journey through your eyes.....

Accolades well deserved....

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Posted in He's Left These Woods

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Posted on Sat, 31 Dec 2022

Love the whole situation and the dialog is so well done, I felt like I was standing right there in the middle of it.... Well Done Phil*

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Posted in A Subsequent Engagement?

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smiling :)

Posted on Sat, 31 Dec 2022

Now I know what that tick,tick, tick sound is in my head.... cheeky


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Posted in Tickety, tickety, tock,

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a December poem of the North

Posted on Tue, 27 Dec 2022

take me there to see it, feel it, hear it, smell it, live it.... yep*..... the 1morethng gravity-magic did it again..Thx

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Posted in December Ravens

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Posted on Wed, 21 Dec 2022

Love It*heart..... the soul of solstice ....

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Posted in Ancient Festival

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Just catch'n up read'n ur works.....

Posted on Tue, 20 Dec 2022

Love It! (cheery's well deserved)*

And your sound cloud stuff is great Paul.... I'm a fan*

I have to learn to recite out loud like that...

Cheers for the Holidays*

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Posted in The Last Christmas (Part Two of Two)