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kris elvvell

1st Responder/Rescue Swimmer/Paramedic/ER Nurse Cert. Air Rescue/Life Flight Cert. Trainer-Water Rescue-Police. Freediver- Swim teacher for handicap & other traumatized souls. Love my Job*

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7 Sets of Nigeria

Every water rescuer agrees; One of the most deadly rescues, if not <thee> most deadliest rescue situation is; The Big Wave Break Zone Fast...

Cursed Muse

As the saying go’s “Beauty is a Curse” and it is so with the Lifeguard Captains #2. The Lifeguard Captain, DJ, explains it like this; “Take a deep...

pslam from <35°51'53.3"N 12°50'55.2"E>

35.864814, 12.848668 Come on, I say as I lit another candel today....... Hold on to me Jesus I need a bit more power as I reach a helping hand I’m...

Pirates of Privilege & Princess Rescues From Above

Follow me, live in the moment Put a pinch of salt in the palm of your hand Stick your tongue on it Slowly lick your way to the end of your fingers...

Sea Angels & Butterfly Kisses

Sometimes a man needs a brutal love rescue, in a tough love way. Then kissed, caressed and loved back to operational capacity. At what degree is a...


27 of my comments have received 28 Great Feedback votes

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Dear Red

Posted on Wed, 30 Mar 2022

From a mans point of view, I feel compelled to express myself as to why I relate to this poem. (see and feel it in a way)......

Some years ago I had a young teenage girl, some how by chance or fate, transfer over in one my of Jr. Lifeguard...

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Posted in Metamorphosis

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Posted on Sun, 25 Sep 2022

and then brought to life with the spoken word from the artist....

IMO- most of us here know you're blessed with a gift....(straight up - had to say it)*

And then to; hear it, feel it, vision it, drift in it, live it, from the cloud...

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Posted in The Ghost of The Bird

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That Is......

Posted on Sat, 24 Sep 2022

Some Right & Tight Writing there....... whoa* (cheery-it-4sure)

On a side note;

I'm a big fan of Varna (BG) the beaches are really cool, great summer Sea side holidays at value, often over looked by the holiday mad beach crowds...

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Posted in Sha-leigh - one of a series of my make-believe snapshots

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I want.....

Posted on Thu, 22 Sep 2022

to go there and pitch a tent for a week, lay back, chill, listen to the water, lay down in that too, roll around in fallen leaves and equinox it for 7days......

Thanks for taking me there Jenn...... (well deserved accolades)


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Posted in In Lucid Dreams

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Posted on Sat, 17 Sep 2022

Inspiration and Inspiring comes in many forms, arrives in a variety of ways....

For example this morning...... Just before dawn, getting ready for the day, watching & tracking weather, coffee in hand, taking a few minutes to read.......

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Posted in Harebells

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Posted on Sat, 10 Sep 2022

Its been said many times here, & I say it again, you're really gifted at this...

But my message here is..... I just realized, by reading your works, & I read it.....

I've been influenced in a way by you, not as a poet, but...

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Posted in "Autumn frame of Mind"

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Inspirational *

Posted on Tue, 30 Aug 2022

Sometimes Jen, when I have actually have time, I roam this domain and read both past and present.... I learn allot from that...

For example this poem here, and your others works, inspires me..... I can in live in that moment you wrote here...

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Posted in View Beyond

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Come-On Ewan*

Posted on Thu, 18 Aug 2022

Your quote "know which lies to commit by omission"...

Takes one to know one, I can read between the lines there RAF fly boy....

its clear what your saying... what are you not saying? = for the fans here ;-)....

(Easy, I meant...

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Posted in The Spy Who Was Mince*

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2 Thumbs Up* w/ a fist bump*

Posted on Sun, 14 Aug 2022

Cheery Basket 4sure.... 

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Posted in The Gift

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Posted on Sat, 06 Aug 2022

So pure, So clear, so simple.... I smile... & I remain a fan*

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Posted in Butterflies