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kris elvvell

1st Responder/Rescue Swimmer/Paramedic/ER Nurse Cert. Air Rescue/Life Flight Cert. Trainer-Water Rescue-Police. Freediver- Swim teacher for handicap & other traumatized souls. Love my Job*

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Triple B

It’s not a credit rating, nor an investment grade product with a higher risk yield rate of return. Nor a bundled junk bond portfolio, you can’t buy...

The Bitch is Back

Most of us encounter souls in life we love to hate and hate to love, love to talk about, dread the next encounter, yet love the fascination of what...

The Blob

Chapter-Stripped Version: Photo: ESA: In sincere gratitude for the work of the European Space Agency and Inmarsat. (We are never alone out there, and...

On Patrol with Izi's Eyes

<rescues of inspiration> Chapter- Stripped (short version) The Lifeguard: Inspiring others by leadership is an art from DJ’s prospective, it...

Inspired By Love

The Lifeguard story Is dedicated too, and inspired by the Lifeguard’s wife. The master at rescuing her man’s soul. To find passion, love and life as...


14 of my comments have received 14 Great Feedback votes

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Thats a water dream Jenn

Posted on Thu, 01 Jul 2010

The place, India, I cant decipher that... But looking into the pit seeing elephants, or any animals wearing any bling while your looking down is a reflection of some kind....

house- hallway = the deep, your in but you're not going there,...

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Posted in My Dream

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Posted on Sat, 21 May 2022

I cant relate. Have know Idea what its like. Totally lost. Never made a mistake here at ABC.

All my software runs perfectly all the time. Stable mobile connections, precision hyperlinks and login's, flawless key strokes. Hardware,...

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Posted in All the Diamonds Raining

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Posted on Sat, 16 Apr 2022


This is one of many I like in your collection.....

From a distant fan



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Posted in "Magic in a Bottle (or the tales of Andelu) " 1

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I'm in love with that poem

Posted on Sun, 17 Apr 2022

And I dont know why.... I just love it*

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Posted in The Days Between

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Will Do*

Posted on Tue, 05 Apr 2022

For sure I can send the picture to you

Or a pdf mock-up 1st w/ your poem.... (I'll size the final later for the wall)...

Thank You*

Peace, smiles and stay inspired Donna

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Posted in Looking For God In The Woods

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Dear Red

Posted on Wed, 30 Mar 2022

From a mans point of view, I feel compelled to express myself as to why I relate to this poem. (see and feel it in a way)......

Some years ago I had a young teenage girl, some how by chance or fate, transfer over in one my of Jr. Lifeguard...

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Posted in Metamorphosis

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2x read- pulled me in

Posted on Tue, 09 Nov 2021

Read it twice, (had too) pulled me in, in flashbacks. My grandfather retired from the Navy, about the same generation, and had many of the same habits and ways of communication, etc. As much as I can tell the stories of him. I have not yet...

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Posted in Chocolate, Tobacco and Horse Muck

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Posted on Sat, 13 Nov 2021

Ahhhh!!!.... totally relate!

I can verbally rant like that... but I could never write as well as you did....

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Posted in Scrap Iron and Bazooka

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Hi-5 with a fist bumb!

Posted on Fri, 12 Nov 2021


Dam... thats hurts...  and needs to be written that way.

Its like a prayer...

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Posted in Old Soldiers

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It's a compliment....

Posted on Mon, 08 Nov 2021


You have a way, a style, or can I say; a gravity, in some of your writing that kind of sucks me in with a cringe and this is one of them. Content wise herein, its a love hate thing and I had to read this 3... 4X times and stare at it...

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