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kris elvvell

1st Responder/Rescue Swimmer/Paramedic/ER Nurse Cert. Air Rescue/Life Flight Cert. Trainer-Water Rescue-Police. Freediver- Swim teacher for handicap & other traumatized souls. Love my Job*

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On Patrol with Izi's Eyes

<rescues of inspiration> Stripped (short version) The Lifeguard: Inspiring others by leadership is an art from DJ’s prospective, it takes...

Inspired By Love

The Lifeguard story Is dedicated too, and inspired by the Lifeguard’s wife. The master at rescuing her man’s soul. To find passion, love and life as...

Late For Date Rhyme

To the readers: I'm not pretending to be poet here. I scribbled this on paper after a charity event, one of my younger crew put it to a hip hop beat...

Poem from the mentor

To the new Sea Rescue/Lifeguard Capt. As a man finds his love and passion in life and leaves his shadows behind. Ghost and demons from the past may...

The Lifeguard

Work in progress. Target 2022 The Lifeguard (Calm Water Storms Deep Sea Demons and Rescues of Love). When ghost of the past wash up dead on the beach...


17 of my comments have received 18 Great Feedback votes

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Posted on Sat, 13 Nov 2021

Ahhhh!!!.... totally relate!

I can verbally rant like that... but I could never write as well as you did....

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Hi-5 with a fist bumb!

Posted on Fri, 12 Nov 2021


Dam... thats hurts...  and needs to be written that way.

Its like a prayer...

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Posted in Old Soldiers

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It's a compliment....

Posted on Mon, 08 Nov 2021


You have a way, a style, or can I say; a gravity, in some of your writing that kind of sucks me in with a cringe and this is one of them. Content wise herein, its a love hate thing and I had to read this 3... 4X times and stare at it...

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Posted in Heroes

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Dream(s) quick take

Posted on Sat, 31 Jul 2021

Dear Jenny,

I really, sincerely, like your content on dreams and totally relate to it. And some of it gives me flashbacks to some of my dreams. I can see my self there in this one you wrote.......

Just a quick take:

The most...

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Posted on Sun, 03 Oct 2021

OMG....Thanks!!... Actually 2 of my Lifeguards, a girl & guy (young adults) photo'd that scribble on my desk, I had no idea, extended a bit... And "blew us away", like really awwwwed-wowwed us when they put it to a beat box at a end of season...

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Posted on Wed, 30 Jun 2021

Dear Ewan,

You don't to need post this comment. I'm not looking to score any points, nor gain favor, or status here on this site. Its more of learning experience for me and I enjoy reading many of the post when I get the time to visit here...

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Posted in Respect