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I Fell

I broke my finger falling out a tree Everything seemed so strange suddenly I can not play guitar without my finger And I can not start a band without...

Spirit's thirst

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] I’m thirsting for the love you bring, as in a lonely land … they turn a blind eye to your face and do not grasp your grace.

hearth song

This is not a flame quivering in every misunderstanding or longing that flares in the pull of absence nor forest fire, consuming all needs, breath...
Gold cherry


There is no song in my heart today. The strings of the violin have snapped. The notes of the piano sound flat. The keys of the oboe are sticking. Now...


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Heart Songs ( Poetry Monthly

apply no CPR or defibrillator take this heart of mine give to another squeeze it please it make it sing songs full of joy let it hum along the notes...

No Title

Don't do many Poetry Monthlies, but a plea made is a plea answered. Image is from Max Pixel, Licence CC0

Finance and Romance

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Heart songs …

… find music to wing right words to express soul joy or distress –


Funnel swirling winds whirling twirling twister reaching down, sucking up dust and debris, buildings’ buster, chucking pieces further, rushing fast,...