Poetry Monthly


An Ideal Place

Revised. (Change of categories)..
Gold cherry

Of Limpets & the Ebb and Flow of Stress

(Littoral life) … inter-tidal ecoZone – metaphorically

The Morris Dancing Major

You’d think the major would be enraged to look so strange, doing his sidesteps full of frills. In with the boys and bashing sticks, and no dallying...

Lust Loses All

A goose a golden egg had laid, and so the farmer’s bills were paid and every day he’d gold to trade, but then for greed, the goose he slayed – of...

Our golden, fiery ball

Boldly arcing across the blue, rivers a-glitter, sparkle anew, colours awakened, vivid the scene (– moonlight just paints with a silver sheen), rays...

The Golden Ratio

Mathematical analysis of aesthetically pleasing shapes … golden ratio … beauty – why?


For July, the focus for Poetry Monthly is ‘Golden’. ****************************************************************** Sometimes you are all colours...

Golden Hour

Inspired by a Saturday night out.

Handbags and Crocodile Shoes

PX Image in the public domain.