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Getting Ready

Gone the rag sound of a bird alone dropped on naked silence between dumpsters' grinding regurgitations from horizon's bridge and fuzzy pulse of cars...


i used to cross slow growing moss swells by tree masts, tossing, lichen rigged, see in the distance dragon wings, folded into hills. But now, words'...

part 6

Mary went 5 more steps, then turned back. The car lights had gone! She gasped, and Karen’ s voice came at once “Mary! What’s taking you so long? If...

part 5

The car bump ing as Karen drove off the ferry woke Mary from a bad dream - a huge spiderweb dangling with bundles like sad grey fruit, soft and...

part 4

But Mary had no room for words. Her fear was big as a mountain. Tears spilled and a huge sob, like a tidal wave came up from her chest. The seagull...


452 of my comments have received 459 Great Feedback votes

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Hi Isabel :0)

Posted on Thu, 14 Jan 2021

Hi Isabel :0)

Well Done! being brave and posting about how you feel, this is not an easy thing. It is what a strong, hopeful person does, someone who wants to make things better! There has been lots of advice from members of the site who...

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Posted in How do you forgive a parent?

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Oh Iam so sorry! Your poems

Posted on Mon, 28 Dec 2020

Oh Iam so sorry! Your poems about your friendship are extremely beautiful, as any sonnet or love poem I have read.

While this poem is so tender and deeply from your soul it must make you feel like you are showing a wound to passing...

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Posted in Tawny Owl

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This is so exciting to read!

Posted on Mon, 21 Sep 2020

This is so exciting to read! How many poems about wind there must be, but you have made it new. Particularly liked

"Watch it climb a house in a second like an upside down waterfall,

Watch it ballroom dance with a plastic bag And...

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Posted in I Want To Watch The Wind Dance

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A terrible memory to be

Posted on Tue, 14 Jan 2020

A terrible memory to be carrying in you. I can only echo Insert and Rhiannon? I hope your shoulder stops hurting. I know what it's like to be near the bottom. The important thing is to find your choices, to know you are where you are because you...

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Posted in The policeman sat in the armchair

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"Stars seeded"

Posted on Thu, 15 Nov 2018

"Stars seeded"

"they passed taxis, night buses, lonely punters stumbling on the long walk home."

"the Firth of Forth moving in glittering sheets below them. The bridge lights were reflected in the dark water as if a row of...

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Posted in Aura (19)

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 I love the hugeness of your

Posted on Sun, 22 Sep 2019

 I love the hugeness of your poem, the importance of what is happening for you. I hope your new world fulfills all your dreams

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Posted in New World

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what a great metaphor for

Posted on Wed, 19 Jun 2019

what a great metaphor for aging

We walked the plateau

Flat and scattered green

But now in this desert scape

Dragging our bags behind.

Pink is a halfway colour, isn't it? Unthreatening, which is why it's so scary...

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Posted in My Favourite Colour's Changed

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You've conveyed all your

Posted on Tue, 12 Mar 2019

You've conveyed all your feelings brilliantly, specially how jobs are seen as defining people, so not having one makes a person a blob. And yet not having a specific shape/a slot to fit into, makes you able to go anywhere, the possibility of...

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Posted in Last Week I Lost My Job (Rimus Dissolutas)

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Posted on Wed, 20 Feb 2019

BRILLIANT!!! This is absolute magic :0)

love "pale posy bunches" "coin wings" Wow! "seed-bulge" perfect . Also "far beyond their leafing"

well, all of it, really!


Insert, i wasn't sure what the trees across the road...

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Posted in The fruit of the elm

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Very interesting to read his

Posted on Fri, 02 Feb 2018

Very interesting to read his story. I only really knew of him from hearing an interview about how by the time they let working class people into Oxford it was so dummed down there was no point going there, and that the elites never accepted him...

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Posted in Les Rowse, Philippe and I