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Charcoal-soft dark calls, silk wings oil-easy under cinder blue. Llightless, sky heavies falls to tall birch tops' black lace twigs, pillared on slim...

thoughts in the small hours

as the most intelligent species it is our right to destroy this planet we are the only creatures here to have self awareness and understand concepts...


blackberries, swollen seconds full of sun I pick, to burst sweet on my tongue, now and now. In overgrown long disused school ground brambles slow arc...


We're the biggest stone in the wall but we don't sit straight, almost fall each time we ask why are we here? This is our free will, to feel fear yet...

airmail from the amazon (august 2018)

surrounded by green everywhere I walk through Life, breathe leaf breath only the wind comes guiltless messenger of our destruction


236 of my comments have received 240 Great Feedback votes

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"Stars seeded"

Posted on Thu, 15 Nov 2018

"Stars seeded"

"they passed taxis, night buses, lonely punters stumbling on the long walk home."

"the Firth of Forth moving in glittering sheets below them. The bridge lights were reflected in the dark water as if a row of...

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Posted in Aura (19)

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 I love the hugeness of your

Posted on Sun, 22 Sep 2019

 I love the hugeness of your poem, the importance of what is happening for you. I hope your new world fulfills all your dreams

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Posted in New World

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what a great metaphor for

Posted on Wed, 19 Jun 2019

what a great metaphor for aging

We walked the plateau

Flat and scattered green

But now in this desert scape

Dragging our bags behind.

Pink is a halfway colour, isn't it? Unthreatening, which is why it's so scary...

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Posted in My Favourite Colour's Changed

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You've conveyed all your

Posted on Tue, 12 Mar 2019

You've conveyed all your feelings brilliantly, specially how jobs are seen as defining people, so not having one makes a person a blob. And yet not having a specific shape/a slot to fit into, makes you able to go anywhere, the possibility of...

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Posted in Last Week I Lost My Job (Rimus Dissolutas)

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Posted on Wed, 20 Feb 2019

BRILLIANT!!! This is absolute magic :0)

love "pale posy bunches" "coin wings" Wow! "seed-bulge" perfect . Also "far beyond their leafing"

well, all of it, really!


Insert, i wasn't sure what the trees across the road...

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Posted in The fruit of the elm

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Very interesting to read his

Posted on Fri, 02 Feb 2018

Very interesting to read his story. I only really knew of him from hearing an interview about how by the time they let working class people into Oxford it was so dummed down there was no point going there, and that the elites never accepted him...

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Posted in Les Rowse, Philippe and I

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You are quite right Tom, it's

Posted on Sun, 17 Sep 2017

You are quite right Tom, it's just a collection of nature scenes. It's just that I realised that someone from centuries ago could have seen them, too. And while I think of the wood as a beautiful place to go and see the sun and hear the birds....

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Posted in time travelling

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It's masterpiece example of

Posted on Sun, 08 Dec 2019

It's masterpiece example of free verse, line ends, space between stanzas. Even though all the information apart from last line and title, are about movement and stress, it ends with such a sense of peace and relief, I think because of the rhythm...

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Posted in Conditions for sleep

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I liked the hurried way this

Posted on Thu, 05 Dec 2019

I liked the hurried way this starts and breathless way it finishes, like a sigh of relief. Pseudo Summer is a good phrase!

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Posted in From winter to …

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i like your images of the

Posted on Wed, 04 Dec 2019

i like your images of the landscape, also how you link accent with water - sea, rain, mists, phlegm (!) How language like water is everywhere, acid or soft, salt or sweet, in the air, on the ground (page?) in us.The last lines  I thought were...

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Posted in A Slip of the Tongue