Advent Alphabet (plus Boxing day)

For Onemorething


A is for Angel and Ash Tree

watching with unpacked calm pale face in cornered dark as ash trees reach, each arm in sleek, moonsliver bark

B is for Bauble and Rowan Berries

sparkling, empty, always perfect this man-made fruit, unlike seedful berries gloriously unput

D is for Dove (Decoration and Real)

blind symbol of peace, cut from wordless paper, swings hunger flown further out shy beauty on grey wings

C is for Cracker and Chestnut

two hands snap! out old joke cheap toy, soon lost and crown velvet lips speak through spikes of secrets swelling brown

E is for Elf and Evergreens

unseen hands making true lucky children's wishes their coats are never new but, in Winter, riches

F is for Fairy Lights and Frost

fossilised Life's dark fires strings of electric sweets skimming crystal empires as blue sky's bright heart beats

H is for Holly (for sale and for song)

Tied wild tamed by gold spray fussily ossified bright red in gloss green sway where feasting blackbirds ride

G is for Glitter and Gorse

scattering sparkle specks outlast family trees bully wind's brash frolics fresh gold unfurlings tease

I is for Icing and Ivy

concealing sweetness spreads white, on all made before lushly sheltering birds' first food in next year's store

J is for Jingle Bells and Jackdaws (another go at this)

bright sound from high, cold night of promise drawing near dusk; like roofs' slates took flight with joyous jew's harps' cheer

K is for Kings and Knapweed

gifts for fraught future brought - gold, frankinsence and myrrh purple crown much bee-sought turned finch seedhead sceptre

L is for Letters (to North Pole) and Lichen

wishful lists, neatly made, flame posted, undefine slow creeping, bark borne jade filaments, mist slick, shine this picture is from Wimedia : https...

N is for Nativity and Nuts

New faces shine, words spread wide as written long ago unreadable inside instructions how to grow

O is for Orange Pomander and Ochre Path

juiceful globe, zesty sweet, spiked with cloves' stark, wood scent fallen warmth tessellates - leaf and needle pavement

Pine Tree (in Home and on Heath)

decorated and in pride of place, dead pretty rain's clear, fresh touch, then sun seeds dazzling gaiety

Q is for Question and Quarry

"How many days to go?" "8!" Creeping? Or flying? escaping Russian snow woodcock, SHOT! here, dying

R is for Reindeer and Roe deer

proudly pull Santa Claus in sleek, gift-laden sleigh angled grace, tasting grass -* sound *- Heads lift, they're away!

S is for Snow

light smooths, soothes curves; walk in sleeping prisms' peace sight's a white wall, smell's all, cold's hungry, move or freeze

T is for Tinsel and Twigs

plastic starlight glinting galaxies on a thread buds on tree-tips hinting wild faith in Spring ahead

U is for Under the Tree

island in rush-before where mysteries gather arched hush in storm's furor gives small creatures cover

V is for Voices

spark of carols' joining memories, every age robin's song - day's shining swarf curls on night's sharp edge

W is for Wrapping Paper and Wind (another go at this)

concealed within patterns every present holds hope high, invisible turns of air change how lives shape

Y is for Yule log and Yew

wood many suns' knowing, felled, burns through year's fear wall bird sown life outgrowing religions' rise and fall ~ this photo is byJonny Andrews...

Z is for Zing

home's in coming, going and holding time between in mud's dark-under, Spring rememberings begin image is by Boris Drenec off Flickr https://www...