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Absent father

Sorry guys another poem hope you like it. It's called Absent Father What stands before me As I lift a tentative glance into a reflection of what I...

Alzheimer Poem

A loss of thought in a moment of time, memories scarred and held in an inaccessible place which at one time was so clear. Forgive my tears of loss or...

An Unholy Redemption Final Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Four “Welcome home Altithronus. It has been a long time, but I am glad you have found your way home.” Lucifer opened his eyes to see...

An Unholy Redemption Chapter 23

Chapter Twenty-Three “It’s time for my speech,” the General pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and switched on the microphone. “My beloved...

An Unholy Redemption Chapter 22.1 continued

“Earlier on today at the meeting with the brotherhood, I discovered some truths about myself, truths I had hidden away and forgotten.” “What truths...