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I have 51 stories published in one collection on the site.
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An Unholy Redemption Chapter 16.1 continued

. Especially any other reporters.” “I promise,” John said and held out his hand for a firm handshake. “Goodbye. I am sorry, I don’t know your name...

An Unholy Redemption Chapter 16

Ruth and David had arrived back home after dropping off Mary and John at their house. David turned off the engine and put his head in his hands. “...

An Unholy Redemption Chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen The clock provided the only sound resonating through the dark room where General Silas lay asleep. In his deep slumber, he wasn’t...

Poem Find Me

Poem called find me I am a solitude voice in the wilderness drowned out by the sound of others thoughts of worldly things, try as I may to scream out...

An Unholy Redemption Chapter 14.1 continued

They left and shut the door behind them. On his own in the garden, Lucifer sat staring at the floor. He noticed a spider emerge from behind a brick...