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I have 51 stories published in one collection on the site.
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An Unholy Redemption Chapter 9.1 continued

“It’s all right, David,” Mary said, “We’ve already had the displeasure of an introduction.” Mary was angry at how she had been treated, but also...

An Unholy Redemption Chapter 9

CHAPTER 9 “Did you enjoy that?” Lucifer’s head went forward as David’s hand slapped hard on his back. “It was, how shall we say, interesting.”...

An Unholy Redemption Chapter 8.3 continued

Rapturous applause sounded around the temple after he had finished his speech. Men rose in standing ovation in praise of the new master in the east,...

An Unholy Redemption Chapter 8.2 continued

“Brethren having found the one is no longer present, you can safely return your eyes to the east and the light that is restored.” As the lights...

An Unholy Redemption Chapter 8.1 continued

“Hi Mary, John has just woke up from his afternoon sleep and demanded to speak to you. Don’t worry, he’s okay, he just has something important to...