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I have 51 stories published in one collection on the site.
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An Unholy Redemption Chapter 19.1 continue

“Perhaps you need some more time, Luther,” David stated. “Yes, keep looking Luther, it will come to you. While you’re looking, I’ll tell you about...

An Unholy Redemption Chapter 19

Chapter Nineteen The following morning, Jeremiah, Daniel and the three other brothers, Timothy, Mark and Peter, were gathered at Daniel’s house,...

An Unholy Redemption Chapter 18

Chapter Eighteen The hands on the clock seemed to be going around very slowly as John nervously waited for his sister’s return. He was drumming his...

An Unholy Redemption Chapter 17.1 continued

Samson was frantically pacing the length of his cage and roaring, then all of a sudden Lucifer felt that all too familiar feeling coming from his...

An Unholy Redemption Chapter 17

Chapter Seventeen Lucifer paced back and forth at the zoo’s entrance as he watched David talking to his friend from the brotherhood. Security guards...