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I have 51 stories published in one collection on the site.
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An Unholy Redemption Chapter 22

Chapter Twenty-Two As the night dragged on in the west, the sun began to rise in the east, dispelling the darkness of the previous evening. In his...

An Unholy Redemption Chapter 21.2 continued

“That’s impossible. How come people in other countries got to know about this interview so quickly?” “I don’t care as long as these numbers keep...

An Unholy Redemption Chapter 21.1 continued

“Okay, this is Studio Two.” Mary and John looked around in the very darkened room. The black walls all around them were imposing as their eyes...

An Unholy Redemption Chapter 21

Chapter Twenty-One The television studio was like a maze as John and Mary made their way with the security guard who was escorting them to Andrews’...

An Unholy Redemption Chapter 20

Chapter Twenty Whilst Lucifer and the brotherhood were contemplating what had just happened, thousands of miles away in the East, General Silas and...