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I have 498 stories published in 17 collections on the site.
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Whilst Reading Anne Tyler

I was something else sometime ago. I know that if I wanted, I could climb the twelve stairs, open the battered case and pull out that day on Venice...


Listening to Mingus preach. His fingers and thumbs a sermon. A lesson from a teacher learned but rarely practiced. That of trajectory. Today, there...

A Dance in the Pub for Carlos Alberto

Without doubt, mate, it was about the density of the Rediffusion days, of colour television and the merging of two decades. A beautiful game played...
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In Childhood

In Childhood Don’t step upon the cracks. For that is where the fingers lurk that will pull at your shoe, loosen your lace and force you to flail face...

Thomas Wilson

Thomas Wilson Thomas Wilson washed his hands in the sink for the fifth time and dried them on his jeans. He could fill a bucket of hot water and soap...


2 of my comments have received 2 Great Feedback votes

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Excellent. I'll definitely

Posted on Mon, 14 Oct 2019

Excellent. I'll definitely come. Thank you. I'll email ABCTales. 

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I think Hank would have liked

Posted on Tue, 15 Apr 2014

I think Hank would have liked that...

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