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The White Poppy Woman

Coming into Sheffield. The rain so hard and northern that the coach windows are pummelled to a rattle. A city. It’s metal, choke and smoke. A history...


My ex-wife has been sitting naked on the bare stone floor, smoking my cigarettes, listening to the songs of Leonard Cohen. It’s the coolest thing...

On Leppings Lane

Sheffield. A once northern industrial city of South Yorkshire, which is in a small country called, England. It was the Monday morning press...


It was the London summer that stretched to the end of September. In our heat we watched the wretched flies dancing above us and listened to Dusty...

To the Moskva River

People won’t die, but it’s going to be bad. The press and Vlad will humiliate her and Donald. It was only a little peepee though, just a dribble, but...