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You’ll Have to Ask an Expert, Mate

You’ll Have To Ask An Expert, Mate He asked. Do you think it’s worth it to have an irresponsible surfeit of cheese in this time of Brexit? I replied...

In Susan’s Room. England, May 1982

In Susan’s Room. England, May 1982 Outside. Red roses and creosote. Overalls and medium wave. Jimmy Saville spins the hits from the years. Inside. We...

On Frenchman Street I Fell Down and Smiled

I notice that my shoe lace is undone as I sit down on the kerb and listen to the street band blow and pull faces of exhilaration. I could tie it now...
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As if Dancing to Basie (after Phil Burdett)

Warm beer, rosary beads, clutched for nothing but comfort. This knotted man is undone, nightly. He two steps the pier as if dancing to Basie...

On a Bench at St Osyth’s Bay

If only Franz Ferdinand had taken a holiday in rainy St Osyth‘s. If only they’d stopped Hitler at Nuremberg with love and fresh white scented roses...