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I have 484 stories published in 17 collections on the site.
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Aye. We knew summat were wrong with him. He smoked Silk Cut, ate dinner for his tea. He wore big headphones, the longest of coats. Some of us saw him...


It will get better, some say. It was one of those bird days, when they all came to lodge, outstayed their welcome, hopped into every room, fluttered...

Socialist Cocaine

There ain’t no such thing as socialist cocaine. You may be one of those who buys sustainable clothes, fair trade food, the Big Issue. Once cried for...

And It's Over To History For The Weather

Live through this, called useless as a kid. A cunt, flat footed, friend of a Yid. Live through this, raped in my teens. “I want to suck a cock, boy,...

Nineteen and the Mermaids

Found after a storm by a walker out on his own after a Christmas lunch for one was a sand letter and three pairs of shoes which were in truth...