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I have 491 stories published in 17 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 405332 times and 229 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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My stories

Roaming Charges

Roaming Charges I remember a sad song in Paris and a sweet new year dance in Barcelona. The long kiss by the wall in East Berlin. But now we are...

The Game at the Bottom of the Stocking

The Thing at the Bottom of the Stocking The westward ship sunk with all my big dreams on board. A heartbreaking game.

Northern Territory

Northern Territory In Darwin I remember a black boy in the white midday sun weeping. Beaten for the theft of felt tipped pens, for his Valentine card.

The Honourable Member

The Honourable Member The quick of the fall. A punch to the heart outside the hardware store is all it took. I knew him as a schoolboy, the way he...

The Confession of Goldie Hawn

The Confession of Goldie Hawn I would like to go into more detail but can’t because I would compromise myself terribly with the police and the...