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I have 484 stories published in 17 collections on the site.
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On a Bench at St Osyth’s Bay

If only Franz Ferdinand had taken a holiday in rainy St Osyth‘s. If only they’d stopped Hitler at Nuremberg with love and fresh white scented roses...

The Couple

The Couple Like shoe shop staff sorting stock, they won’t engage in eye contact, tittle tattle, our daily dreams of revolution. Here’s a prophylactic...

Holding Hands Through Hard Times

Holding Hands Through Hard Times Be careful of whom you choose, but do it today. Find one, interlock, it will help you. If only for seconds. For...

That Poetry Voice

That Poetry Voice As a man of a ruck-sacked youth, I found myself in an Amsterdam hotel room. Clutching the sheets in paranoia as the ceiling fan...

Donny and Marie Stole the Highlights

Donny and Marie Stole the Highlights In a New Town hallway, opposite the cupboard that hid a menagerie of coats with secrets in their pockets, rested...