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I have 484 stories published in 17 collections on the site.
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Under This

A dream. They are stoning me as I walk Westgate. Friends, a lover and the homeless man I used to talk to. I always said I understood them. But all I...

A Period of Quarantine (after Stevie Smith)

I’m radio active. It’s for my thyroid, you see. They say it’ll work wonders. That those things will disappear. The sweats, palpitations. The madness...
Poem of the week

Going Out For Cigarettes

We waited for details throughout the night. We ate toast and jam, sipped instant coffee. Phones ran out of credit. Those moments defined us. Danny...

St John’s (after Van Morrison)

Cerys plays tunes this morning on my radio birds chirp the trees of St John’s and I’ve fine coffee from Guatemala the sun streams through and a...
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Poem of the week

This Beeston Morning

One magpie, Beeston's little park just outside work. I remember the rhyme and I’ll take its sorrow with a cigarette. The memory of this morning’s...