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I have 499 stories published in 17 collections on the site.
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Dear America

11/11/2018 Dear America, I hope that you are all well and as you wake up this morning you are grateful for being able to open your eyes and be with...

Red Lights

Red Lights It was the last night of the tour and soon they would leave Mansfield. The lighting and sound rig would be packed away for a week. Then it...

Henry Miller at Denny’s

O.K. So we are driving to Sacramento, the usual crew. Liz, Ethan Hawke, Paula me and you. We stop at Denny's for something to eat. A shake, a bake...
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The White Poppy Woman

Coming into Sheffield. The rain so hard and northern that the coach windows are pummelled to a rattle. A city. It’s metal, choke and smoke. A history...


My ex-wife has been sitting naked on the bare stone floor, smoking my cigarettes, listening to the songs of Leonard Cohen. It’s the coolest thing...