The World Cup From Walthamstow

E17 shoots for glory.

1.Three days to kick off. The scent of summer.

God bless you kid, and all the things you did' (The Blue Nile) It's the strangest thing. Summers arrived. All the girls are wearing skin and all the boys just looking and grinning. I can feel the heat but not the sprit. It's out there I know.

2, Don't go south of the river dude....

'Some girls are bigger than others.' (The Smiths) So Rooney is in. Stand by for fireworks. Ones that soar and shimmer, or the ones that explode in your face. We will see. Went out tonight and I needed it. Bad day at work. Staff want more cash and are talking to the union. They do need more money and I'll back them always. But I have had too many fights of late. The entire world and me! Its all a great score draw at the moment.