Here's Some That Got Away

A Brutal Youth

i sit waiting for her book in hand a fluid sun out of depth shadows match sticking the day then teenage kicks bolt on skin the brutal sneer of...

Broken (for Roger Mgough)

He's got a broken heart and also a broken nose he tried to break this reconstructed girl who has learnt to flex her toes

Broken Stones

Veronica was never a bad seed. She was once a teenage beauty queen from St Lucia who dreamt of having children

Clean (for Brian Keenan)

Sun erupts from sleeping storms forging rainbows cut from glass convexed to brilliance cooled by silence shatter-proof like faith once clipped new...

The Return Of Snowbaby

Once. Snow on my table. A tight, rolled ten pound note. Tears. Now. Snow against sodium. Dashboard, window frame. Morning. The first bus yawns by. Shivering overcoats. Scarves. Hats.


When work was getting heavy. The pressure homing hard. Billy would call up Jodie. A platinum credit card. Jodie would ask him to lie on the carpet, and shuffle with his senses

Family Life

There's indentations, on the chipboard wall. From bedposts, punched sex, and addiction. Take away menus, on the door mat. Glossing over red gasbills. Her birthday card.

Black Panther

Goodison Park, Liverpool. The quarter final. Korea 3-0 up. 1966 and all that. Then, out of your den. A panther on the prowl. Goal, goal, goal goal!...

Tea for Three

I like making you cups of tea in your special mug, and that. Sitting opposite, talking about the smallest details that make the world big. I like it...

An Early Morning Phone Call From Tom Waits

“A trombone, telephone, bed springs, and bread. These four things you must take buddy when leaving this world for dead. The horn is for the mercy. A...

The Southpaw

The Southpaw walked away from home a long time ago. Leaving behind friends, clutching addiction’s book of lies that would never pull him through...

To Pray

As I breathe into this window misting the rain streaks nose catching the chill. I look down and across. A child runs this way, that way through the...


Some newcomers break vows upon seeing white lines. They roll ten pound notes that refuse to find a way back to their pockets, but are shared, lifted...


We’re telling you things can get better, that there is no need to worry. Because you are not the maker of these days and neither are we. And if push...

The Girl With No Name

Wish you’d been with me at the open window, and that you hadn’t gone astray. We’d have smoked rocks of crack by the open window, waiting for the moon...

Haiku Five O'

Beside the wet kerb, chips and doner meat sleep deep. Friday fades away. Taxis rear homewards, the ambulance falls silent. A dead one maybe. A kiss...