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Ewan Lawrie

The picture is me signing copies of my novel, Gibbous House at Unbound Books HQ in Islington by the canal.

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Tolkien on Disco Biscuits

Nothing to see here, walk on by. Image is used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported: photograph by Acroterion

Club Country

when the music takes you strange places await... image source distractionsoflola.tumbler.com no known copyright issues

El Duende

More from the archives. Not a repost, as far as I can tell. Duende is the hardest word to explain I ever came across in Spanish. This one is for all the friends I made amongst students and barflies. Image source Flickr.com: photographer Albertus 82: licence CC-BY-NC 2.0

The Last Man on the Moon

Another old one. Only posted at all because it contains the word 'pandemic'. Sci-Fi. Not fair just to warn you in the summary, I know, but maybe the picture's a clue. Image free for non commercial use from freesvg.org

Timor Mortis Me Conturbat

Warning! Contains Latin with which I have taken a syntactical liberty. Although strictly speaking, the verb is generally at the end of a Latin period,this is merely a phrase. It means 'fear of death disturbs me' Image is by the 17th century painter Philippe de Champaigne, I don't think he'll mind me using it.


87 of my comments have received 90 Great Feedback votes

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There will be

Posted on Mon, 10 Feb 2020

...but as you know I'm writing Moffat III at the moment (12,000 words and counting). I always have a vanity project going, whilst I'm writing a novel. It helps to dive off into something else completely unrelated. Usually, The Picture Ranch or...

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Posted in Powerhousing II

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Ah well,

Posted on Wed, 18 Dec 2019

don't we know? "This is John, he...we used to know each other." Joan is about 19, John has been away for 20 years.
Yes, I know people don't like holes, but I do like clues, rather than telling everything.
Anyway, glad you liked it...

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Posted in A Polka Dot Dress

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One thing you will

Posted on Thu, 06 Jul 2017

find by doing this, is that your description in any prose you do write will be tighter, more compact, more effective, it's something I was told would happen if I wrote more poetry. I'm not completely sure it has for me, but it will for you....

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Posted in Tail-end

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It's the mothballs

Posted on Tue, 10 Jan 2017

I remember, and the faint smell of Lion pee and Turkish Delight.... hahaha. I do not know anyone who has never explored their parents' wardrobe. When I was 8, my dad's wardrobe had hundreds of football programmes from the 40's and 50's; Rangers...

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Posted on Tue, 26 May 2020

an egg, could be a osprey's. It would go well with a couple of cherries.

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Posted in Otter

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Posted on Wed, 13 May 2020

heartfelt poetry.

You have a typo in the last line. 'Liaison' looks funny, but is the correct spelling.

I enjoyed this.

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Posted in Mila

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Posted on Wed, 15 Apr 2020

I'd seen this yesterday. A bit of a sideways look itself, as I'm sure you intended.

You have a typo in para 6
"Her acquaintances or “friends” tend to have somewhat needy themselves,"

I cannot tell you...

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Posted in Crab Customs

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Builds well.

Posted on Tue, 14 Apr 2020

I wonder if you could have strung (ho,ho) the reader along a little longer. Not reveal that there are no strings quite yet. No matter. I'd be interested to read part II. Some might protest that your piece is a little over-written, but I think,...

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Posted in Got No Strings - Part 1

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I'm supposed

Posted on Wed, 01 Apr 2020

to be working on Moffat III, but changes at Unbound mean that it probably won't be accepted for publication, so I've kind of lost enthusiasm for it. Moffat II No Good Deed is on the final straight before publishing in September, Covid-19...

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Posted in 43. Be Stiff

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This is

Posted on Wed, 26 Feb 2020

particularly good.

You have a typo, doubtless caused by your "spool chukka", in para  beginning 'In 1969...'

"The bus took us too and from the junior school."  You need 'to' here.

An excellent exploration of what...

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Posted in Buses