The last line of the preceding poem is the first line of the following...

1. Anahata

Anahata... If you read it, Namaste, if you don't, Namaste. Image is from Wikipedia Commons CC by-sa 3.0 Image Creator Morgan Phoenix

2. The Land Common Sense Forgot

Chain #2 The first line is the last line of the preceding poem in Chain. This probably belongs in the Collection " Days Like These ". As a work of the U.S. federal government , the image is in the public domain .

3. Are We Not All Humans?

Chain #3 The first line is the last line of the preceding poem in Chain. Where form permits. Otherwise, there may be an enjambement of difference. Give a writer a (line-) break, huh? Image use is permitted by Unilever under CCA/SA 3.0 but implies no endorsement of the content of this poem.

4. Any Conjured Thing

Chain #4 The first line of this is the last line of the preceding, blah blah blah Original Image is Helix Nebula in infra-red. From "Hidden Universe". image Licence is. CC 4.0 Attribution, image is produced by European Space Observatory Author ESO/VISTA/J. Emerson

5. The End of All

Chain #5 The last words/line of the preceding poem form the start of the next. Image is in the Public Domain, set free to roam there by Wikipedia themselves...

6. All and Sundry Stories

Chain #6 And the last shall be first (You get it, I know). Picture is for use under CC0 license and comes from

7. Mogul

Chain #7 Last words to first words in the wink of a jaundiced eye. Picture is: shared after edit/merge with other public domain picture from wikipedia commons (in PD due to age of image), under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International; original image by Mark Funk
Gold cherry

8. Reprise

Chain #8 The last words in the preceding poem are the first words in the next chain link. This image is ineligible for copyright and therefore in the public domain because it consists entirely of information that is common property and contains no original authorship . (perhaps like the poetry it accompanies).

9. Polytheistic Litany

Chain #9 The last words of the prev... Do I need to keep doing this? Image created by author using PD image of bomb and CC-ASA 3.0 licensed picture of religious symbols from Wikipedia commons.

10. Political Shipping Forecast

Chain #10 The first words are the last words of the preceding poem. Image is US Govt Departmental and as such is in the Public Domain.

11. A Foreseeable Future

Chain #11 Last words to First words... Will the chain connect? Or is it broken? Image edited by author is from MaxPixel free image website.

12. At the Tavern, After the County Fair

Chain #11 Last words, first words (you know how it goes) NB I don't often give clues but... Look up El Cid on IMDB Image is in the Public Demain sourced at Wikipedia Commons.

13. I Say to You

Chain #13 Last words to first words... Image is Public Domain sourced at Wikipedia Commons.


Chain No.14 Last words to first words... Image source is Wikpedia: creator is William Casey. Use under CC4-SA Licence.

15. It Will All Be Fine

Chain #15 Last words to first words Image from

16. Mme. Scheherazade

Chain #16. Last words become first words... Image is in Public Domain, source Wikipedia Commons.

17. The Departed

Chain No. 17 Last words to first, the chain is nearing closure... Image is used in accordance with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 image creator is Matthew on Flicker

18. Flesh, Bone and Blood

And the last words become the first to link this circular chain... Image collage writer's own from PD images.