Gathered Flowers

It's all Greek to me

Hearts and Flowers

Umm... was going to write a Valentine's Day poem but this is what I ended up with. Picture from Pixabay, licence CC0


It's not really about thimbles, I have a lisp. You could use three and a pea for the shell game. Does anyone use them now? Image source
Gold cherry

Army of Poets

Difficult to write at the moment... anyway thanks to John Wilks for providing the spur to write this, which is at least something... Image authors own created from PD imagery.

The King of Italy

Leave a coin or just pass by Image source No known copyright issues.

Play Pen

A toe in the water... I'd rather you didn't see me drown... Picture source is photographer Rohan Baumann


Image is from and licence is CC0

Davy Jones's Locker

It's not about pirates, but you'll work it out... Weren't we all the wonder kid, in our day? Image source is Rossographer on Licence is Creative Commons
Gold cherry

Ghost Furniture

Small town vignette, no gasworks... Image: copyright Oast House Archive, licence CC BY-SA 2.0

Don't Call Me Guiri

Almost crystal in its clarity... well, compared to lots of things that I've posted... haha. Image source is and licence is CC0

Can You Remember?

It's my birthday today... a time to look back. I've had a good time on the whole... No regrets. Image is author's own from CC0 Licenced photograph.

There Is

I have no answers, and far too many questions... Image is copyright Betty Longbottom used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Shadows and Dust

Ah well, make of it what you like. Image is CC Public Domain from

Destination: Anywhere

typed straight into the box... free-write... music playing. The Commitments (!)

A Picnic in Eden

Some say you can never go back, but imagination and memory can take you... Image from Pixabay free for non-commercial use By Julia S.