Driving Over Tinfoil (prose)

This collection's name comes from the name of a poem in Poems for Cyril, also available here on ABCTales, folks! Very different to lemons, tinfoil. Good old Chris! The Alpujarras sound so nice I'd like to move there myself. This is what inland in the Province of Malaga is like. The names have been changed, but those who think they have been libelled, think again.

Music to Watch Girls By

The boys watch the girls watch the boys.......

Homage to Caledonia

Venta characters: Jock

A Person of Interest

Pick a word, build a story round it... what do you get? Not very much... Okay, what was the word?

A Person of Note

500 (and five) words about not very much

Adverb to the Wise

A class with Inez


A sad end...

Another Departure

The Venta grows ever quieter.... times are tough.

Campo Communiqué

It may have been crap, but it was my local...

Caveat Emptor

Why your dream home in the sun gets knocked down...

Coming to Andalucia

early days in Spain

Monkey Business

Something interesting in the Venta


Idle conversation in the local bar.


Have you seen the old man....?


what you can find in the small ads!


a creative writing exercise...


In the queue at the check in....

One Good Turn

careful who you pick-up

One For The Road

WIP. As the introduction to the collection this story is in says -it's nothing like Driving Over Lemons here.

What's in a Name?

More from Montevista, no murders this time, except of good taste. I'm very glad no-one I know reads these.

Semana Santa

Holy week in our town.

Opportunity Knocks

Never judge a book...

The Ex-Pat Files

why do people make such stuff up... do they take a fantasy pill at the airport on arrival?


what it says....

Learning to Fly

Sometimes you've got to write something, just to prove you can still string a sentence together...

Hard Times at Montevista

It would help to read 'One for the Road' or the rest of this set... perhaps.

Humble Pie.

I was wrong. I admit it.

The Marbella Job

A job on the coast...

Madrugada Meg

Seville Nights...

The Wrong John



An entry for a competition in local English freesheet. The competition was to celebrate the paper's 25th anniversary. 200 words, including, somewhere, the number 25 was the remit. No, it didn't.

Fred And Rita

about not very much...


not about anything really...

Counting Down

Written for a friend... gone but not forgotten

A Miracle in Villablanco

An old story, in more ways than one...

Despedida de Soltero

Despedida de Soltéro is literally "A Farewell to Bachelordom", it means stag night, effectively. Warning: may contain Spanish words...


this must happen a lot... image source: https://batgurrl.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/dscn0966.jpg

The View from There

Short, about nothing much... so what?

A Last Night in the Rock Hotel

When I last stayed there, around 15 years ago, it was a little seedy, it's had a very nice refurb since then...
Gold cherry


Whatever you think, you wouldn't want to be in their shoes... Picture is from Google Maps. No known copyright issues.

El Coño

The title is a very rude word in English, perhaps not quite so in Spanish. Picture is one of the Spanish alternatives to the word in the title. From Wikipedia Commons This work is in the public domain
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Flash Fiction... Spain has been good to me, perhaps not to Mr Byng. Image source is Pixabay and licence is CC0

With a Blue Jug in Her Hand

Erase una vez vivia yo en un pueblo Andaluz Image source RTVAlhaurinElGrande.es. No known copyright issues.

Be Careful What You Wish For.

Pepa looked at the kitchen. Dishes were piled high next to the stone sink. The tablecloth was a battlefield of crumbs and jam. The dog's blanket was...

One Good Turn

This is a repost. I wrote it many years ago at the beginning of an OU CW course. I've fiddled with it, but not much, and there's a picture of a house on 'Montevista', which is not the Urbanización's real name, but nearly is. Image is author's own.

El Duende

More from the archives. Not a repost, as far as I can tell. Duende is the hardest word to explain I ever came across in Spanish. This one is for all the friends I made amongst students and barflies. Image source Flickr.com: photographer Albertus 82: licence CC-BY-NC 2.0
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Story of the week

Waiting for Ijemma

I must write down more of these people I used to know in Spain, before I forget them. Of course, changing the names means their true identity will disappear, so will I remember them or not? Anyway, the bones of this are true.

Enrique VIII

Life-writing, some details changed to avoid law-suits. Image source wiki-commons licence CC-SA 2.0 photograph by Iyudai (from somewhere near Tokyo)

Puebla de Sanabria

Not about much. Image source wiki-commons/ licence CC-BY SA 3.0/Photographer: Vegafotoswiki

The Woman on the Beach

This is some flash I wrote whilst still living in Spain. It seems I write better at a distance, but I still quite like this one. Image free for non-c use at Unsplash.com original photograph Stephano Zocca.

Hardly Any Degrees at All

of separation that is. Image source Wikipedia commons licence CC-SA 3.0 photographer KennosiS

Se Vende

Desperate measures? Minor edits. Count as read.

The Thief at the Café De Bs. As.

Some of this is true, I'll leave you to decide what. Image is free for non commercial use licence CC0 - PD source Pxhere.com


Image is from NHS Trust Rotherham's website and is dated 2015 and is used on the presumption that this is fair use. here is a link

El Día de Todos los Santos*

Boring travel writing, nothing to see here. Image is from Google Maps via Picasa. No known copyright issues.


Feria means fair, but unless you've been to a Feria in Southern Spain, you'll never know what it really means. This was written around the time of our last Feria de Mayo, in Alhaurin El Grande, before we left a year later. I've posted it for a bit of warmth on a grey winter's day. No copyright issues with the image of the poster. We were encouraged to share the new Feria Poster every year.

Stray Cat Strut

Dredged up from some zeroes and ones that used to be in a desktop computer. I wrote this an hour after meeting the guy in the story. He did play at the venta, later in the year. His rockabilly band went down a storm. [Image is PD and shows The Blue Caps and Sweet Gene, who I very much doubt ever visited Andalucia].