Days Like These

I have put these poems (and a few stories) together because they share some themes...




This is an old one, from well before "President Trump" became a distinct possibility. Looking back at it now, I think it shows the ground where such wild weeds can grow...

And Through the Door

As you see, I am not without words, but I am beginning to be without hope...

Better Than Chance

And still we play craps at the polling booths...
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Poem of the week


I despair... (Likely to offend)

Brocken Spectre

Image source BTW I haven't spelt Broken wrong, Brocken is in the Harz Mountains...

Clean Skin

A tiny square of printed circuit holds measurements and calibrations. DNA and iris scan, digitised fingerprints proclaim identity. I was born in...


"This is the end, beautiful friend, the end," The Doors

Dream On

... if you can. The Footnote lists authors of inspirational/source material...


this... just this... Picture from A quote from that site: " If any one of these groups--the British, the Jewish, or the administration--stops agitating for war, I believe there will be little danger of our involvement. " Charles Lindbergh- September 11, 1941 Best avoided.

Hocus Pocus

Hocus pocus, flim flam... we believe, we believe

Just a Shout Away

Why what Germany does will matter, and why it might not be good... For my own part, I do not accept that sexual assaults on a minority of women are an acceptable consequence of immigration. I am aware that some of the Cologne assaults were committed by 2nd generation citizens. Note, I do not advocate restriction of movement. I would advocate the prosecution to the fullest extent of perpetrators of this kind of crime whatever their circumstances. Whose side do you take? Do you understand the woman in this story?

Keep Calm And Carry On

Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel... and what scoundrels we elect. Those who would wrap themselves in the flag should remember that for many it is a burial shroud...

Kites and Knives

Inspired by an @salenagodden tweet on twitter today... We have such short memories... Image by oxfam international, licensed for non-commercial re-use

Let Us Go

and come the End of Days... Warning; contains Latin and Greek, read with caution.

More Trouble Every Day

Title is borrowed from a Frank Zappa song, a staple of his live shows throughout his career, written originally in 1967 after the Chicago riots... this poem was written this morning and will not be performed live ever. A line is quoted from the song.

Műnchener Hauptbahnhof

lest we forget...

Murderous Stupidity

The title is from an Op Ed piece in the sundays today. Likely to offend. Just like a film called "Four Lions" did. Neither poetry nor prose, but I hesitate to say prosetry. Monologue.

One Nation

It is what it is... this is mid way between found poetry and allusion (or Ezra and Tom's Thievery) anyway...


The echoes vibrate, we detach ourselves, admiring the sleek lines of the train, preferring diesel-electric over steam. We forget the carriages and...

Outery (Salt of the Earth)

A companion piece to "Trumpery" I voted in, by the way.

Shadow of a Gunman

I'm not explaining this...

Shoah and Tell

Those who do not learn the lessons of history...

Sowing the Wind

it is... what it is... Hosea chapter 8 verse 7

The List

The Home Secretary's list will be nothing like Schindler's ...

The Outbreak of Certainty

Certainty... a dangerous thing...

These Are The Days

Not narrative or lyric poetry... turn left here.

These Are The End Times

For Eliot, to whom it owes a sizeable debt....

Thumb Pricks

you know what that means and indeed it does...


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Trump Talk

he will win, I just know it...


Why it might happen...

When You're a Star

Do I really need to explain this?

Where Were You When...

this is more or less where I was... although it was two different ones.

The Kiss and the Money

Whatever happened to the Labour Party of the working class?

Put Out More Flags

Posted on another site on the 6th of February 2015, over 2 years ago. Not so ephemeral, after all.


I am not.

There, At the World's End

You can decide what it means... that's always fun, isn't it?

Mysteries and Secrets

Not about flowers or butterflies, move along...
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Off the Isle of Hendiadys

It's not on the map, but then... neither are these people...


Ah... well... blasphemous, perhaps... but the times we live in are only fit for blasphemy...
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The Chaos Intact

I'll stop soon... Companion piece to "Mysteries and Secrets", although everything in "Days Like These" has associated themes... (He wrote, hopefully). Image is gif, usage acc. wikipedia commons.

Time and Chance

Ecclesiastes 9:10-12 The scriptures inspire me, but only to write things...

Cutting Velvet for Raincoats

hmm... another vignette of the horror show on the other side of the Atlantic. picture wikimedia commons.


I voted by post a while ago... For all the difference a drop can make... Image source is licence is creative commons CC0

An I for an I

Lex Talionis: as out of date as the books which quote it. image is used in accordance/as required on its wikipedia commons page. Photographer Sven Storbeck


I'm seen as stand-offish, because I don't actually join in these conversations at all... image released into the public domain by Magalhães at nl.wikipedia

Where is the Genius?

Image made with imgflip. by author. The words are Jonathan Swift's. Where is the genius? I can see where the confederacy is...

The Rule of Three

"It seems that every day, is just another rotten mess, people say it's gonna end soon, but when it will I can only guess" More Trouble Every Day Frank Zappa 1967. Image is free stock image from

Empty Manifesto

Read it out in the manner of Christopher Ecclestone reading Evidently Chickentown... clean the mirror afterwards. Image from Pixabay Free for commercial use, no attribution required CC0 Creative Commons

"Meh-tha tur-ah?"

The title? You'll have to read it to see what that means... Picture is the Bridge at Belleek, which will form part of a hard UK Eire border, should it come to that. Source is wikipedia commons.

Phoenix Night

Fake-news pioneer Paul Horner, whose hoaxes drew international attention on the Internet and during the 2016 presidential election, died in Phoenix on Sept. 18, officials confirmed. He was 38. Image photographer: Alan Stark used in accordance with Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

Fall of a Monarch

Topical, huh... yesterday's chip paper... Image is wikipedia commons... Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.0 Generic
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The Road to Mandalay Bay

How many more times? Think of a number... Bold lines are a paraphrasing of Numbers 1:4 Image is wikipedia commons. Used in accordance with CC 3.0: image is by Kris 1123


one more for "Days Like These" Image used in accordance with Creative Commons 4.0 : source Wikipedia Commons owner Venus Juanda

Pedal Ceramics

No more heroes, any more... (or we need to talk about KevinS) This image is in the public domain in the United States because it was published in the United States between 1923 and 1977 without a copyright notice . Source Wikipedia Commons.

Understanding America

2 of the required 7 layers, if lucky... Image is a collage of two separate images used in accordance with CC0 licence.

Paint and Pellets

New York, 31 Oct/1 Nov 2017 Image is collage made from two images taken from Wikipedia Commons. Paint pellets Qz10 in acc w/CC A-SA 3.0 BB slugs Ari x in acc w/CC A-SA 3.0

The King Of Pennsylvania Avenue

Never sure whether to laugh or cry... Image from Pixabay, no attribution required. Licence CC0

Under The Blue Roof

More for "Days Like These"... walk on by... Image is from the British Museum and is in the public domain. I suggest you read that poem instead :-D

Stand Up (Or Be Counted)

I say, I say, I say: when did you last hear a joke start like that? When the cheeky chappie tossed his career off a cliff. Remember the old Python...


No explanation necessary... Image CC0 from Pixabay

These Are The Days (Bombs and Pamphlets)

This the last thing to be posted in "Days Like These" (stop cheering at the back). image is in the Public Domain as it is an image produced by a US Govt department

so many incontinent words

"performance peace be upon you" image author's own

Déjà Vu

Minor edit and picture added Jan 17 It's not about how willing you are to give up your freedom, it's how willing you are to give up mine. Image was last used by the 'IMPERIAL FASCIST LEAGUE' ; this British Fascist Movement was led by Arnold Spencer Leese and operated from 1928 until 1939. I expect they won't be reading this.

Gabba Gabba Hey

Read carefully. If you are offended by the contents of the links in the footnote, then perhaps you haven't understood the poem, that's my fault. Image source Wikipedia Commons and is out of copyright.

These Are The Good Times

The flower is an Anemone... a symbol of forlorn hope, some say... Image is from Pixabay and licence is CC0 with no requirement for attribution

The Man Who Knew Too Little

You can either read this first, or read it after... It may not make any difference Image is from and licence is CC0

Who Indeed?

Topical, allusory. Walk on by. Image is from and licence is CC0 Minor edits Sat 24 March 2018

Drums Across the Mohawk

Goodbye for a while... Image is and CC0


Atop Pike's Peak Margaret wrote a poem: sure are crowning their good with brotherhood, nowadays, huh? Image is CC0 from Pixabay.


It's not about aeroplanes... Image is from wiki commons.

Waiting for George

Capra is one of my favourite directors, but I don't think many politicians have watched his films. Image source is wikipedia commons and in the public domain. WIP 0830 edited 7 Dec 2018:

Jump Rope Politics

What it says... WIP Image is from the National Archives at College Park [Public domain]

A Diet of Worms

Political, pass by, if you like. Image published in book authored by Bernhard Rogge - Public Domain,


you'll have to read it to find out then, won't you? Image is from pixabay, no attribution required

Déjà Lu (Formerly Déjà Vu)

12 years and little has changed... The last two stanzas, which I've never been happy with, changed. Image By R-41 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, source Wikipedia Commons
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Shouting at the Television

What it says on the tin. Relieved now, aren't you? Image source is used in accordance with fair use attribution ,

Where We Might Be

I think we might... image created/colourised by Cassowary Colorisations licence is CC2.0
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These You Have Loved

yeah, well... image is copyright John Garghan licence is CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


nothing new here, carry on... (Carry On... now there's an idea, Carry On Leaving. Politics as double entendre). Anyway, as the image used is from The New European's downloadable Brexit Horror Masks, one would assume permission to use it here is implied, since they don't mind if I download a copy to wear.

St Boris's Day

Just effing read it. (I snarled) Image is in the public domain. Source wikipedia commons.
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Poem of the week

Store and Save

Well then, the government will be sending out a "What to Do in the Event of No Deal" leaflet. I expect it will be as useful as the old "Duck and Cover" campaign, eh? Image out of copyright source wiki commons.


yeah well, sticks and stones and all that... sure... Image source is flicker photo by Matt Brown used in acc. w/ Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Twice In a Lifetime

Well,you know... Days like these.. Image from Kenneth Clarke's Twitter account copyright (worth a visit).

The King of Cards

An old one I found hidden down the back of a Dropbox folder... image is PD used in acc with CC0.


Image author's own. More state of the nation stuff I'm afraid.

We Fools

Oh yes, still banging on about this kind of thing... Image from No known copyright issues, part of internet book archive, original source 1903 edition of Tragedy of King Lear.

Friday Afternoon in The Fleece

A bagatelle, don't bother if you don't feel like it. I took the photo, so I'm using it.