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Hollywood, 1940. A boy disappears. There's a dame and a PI. Nothing new? You decide.

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Gold cherry

The Picture Ranch 1

How they always start...

The Picture Ranch 10

Meeting over coffee and soda in Carlsbad, CA... So it's a slow burner, so what?

The Picture Ranch 11

Hey! Slow is sometimes good... we've got 65,000 words to go yet. With luck...

The Picture Ranch 12

Reader : Mail boxes? The man's obsessed with mail-boxes! Writer : No internet and smart phones in those days, Bud.

The Picture Ranch 13

Looking for Miss G...

The Picture Ranch 14

Where in the world is Eleanor Gräfenberg?

The Picture Ranch 15

Moose? Really? ... Yes.

The Picture Ranch 16

Trouble for Micawber Fisher P.I. Longer by 300 words than usual, make a cup of coffee first.

The Picture Ranch 17

With friends like Fisher...

The Picture Ranch 18

What? You thought I'd give up? I was looking for inspiration and something turned up...

The Picture Ranch 19

Fisher seeks help... even someone called Micawber can't just wait for something to turn up...

The Picture Ranch 2

At a Military Academy... (long)

The Picture Ranch 20

"Ya wait long enough, sumthin' turns up" Micawber Fisher. Picture is from wikipedia commons.

The Picture Ranch 21

A visit from Boethius... Image is from Wikipedia with commons licence.

The Picture Ranch 22

Fisher gets his own back... Due to copyright concerns you have to imagine the image. Please attribute to the Coen Brothers inside your own head.

The Picture Ranch 23

"How in hell will you get Micawber Fisher out of this one?" "umm..." Image is a still from the 1947 Republic Serial "The Black Widow" and copyright is believed to belong to the distributor of Republic Pictures, viz. Artisan Home Entertainment since 1998. The Black Widow is not available to buy.

The Picture Ranch 24

Like Micawber says, something - or someone - always turns up... Picture is produced via and is free of copyright issues.

The Picture Ranch 25

Fisher gets a change of clothes... Image produced via Photofunia. Edward G's image labelled for non-commercial use with modification.

The Picture Ranch 26

Fisher's plans are complicated, huh? Picture source is Pinterest. No known copy-right issues. Text applied via

The Picture Ranch 27

Back to School. CC0 Public Domain Free for commercial use. No attribution required. Source:

The Picture Ranch 28

A shocking discovery... Image is copyright expired from a very old furniture catalogue of the 19th century, Image source Wikipedia commons Any chance of a genre/category "Noir"?

The Picture Ranch 29

Tea and no sympathy... Image made by Alf Van Beem, 20 March 2016, 12:20:27 source Wikimedia commons.

The Picture Ranch 3

Semper Fi? You can't trust anyone...

The Picture Ranch 30

What's in the box? Gotta find somewhere to open it first... Picture source : No known copyright issues due to age of image (1923)

The Picture Ranch 31

Okay, okay I'll tell ya what's in the box... Image source is Wikipedia PHGCOM : Own work , photographed at Japanese Currency Museum User does not endorse this writing or website. Commons Licence : Share-Alike 3.0 Unported

The Picture Ranch 32

A visit to a morgue, but not the kind you're thinking of, anyway. Drink that Lye Berry Juice. Image is believed to be out of copyright and will be removed on request, should this not be the case.

The Picture Ranch 33

Some holes there is no getting out of... image created by author, from PD photo.

The Picture Ranch 34

What the hell is going on? Answers on a postcard or a key fob... Image By jwhalifax - Own work , Public Domain, Link

The Picture Ranch 35

Miss G opens up... image licence: GNU Free Documentation License , Version 1.2

The Picture Ranch 36

Fisher and Miss G converse pool-side... That's the real Ginger in the picture. Maybe Fred was hoping she'd drop by. The picture was PD and I put the lettering on it, so I could claim copyright, but I'm not.

The Picture Ranch 37

Short and bitter... like most of these... Picture is in the public domain, an old movie still of Noble Johnson.

The Picture Ranch 38

"Just Drive She Said" And just to be all "meta" check out the link at the end... Image created by author from PD elements and word art.

The Picture Ranch 39

Up at Bill Hearst's place... Image was PD, treated with Photofunia...

The Picture Ranch 4

Nothing much happens...

The Picture Ranch 40

They say life begins at forty, will some kind of plot development begin here? Image source tumbler

The Picture Ranch 41

Something happens... almost... Image is in the Public Domain due to its advanced age. It has been modified at

The Picture Ranch 42

"I'm looking for a boy," she said. Just so you know where we are. Image is from Wiki Commons and is so old it is in the Public Domain. I fiddled with it on Photofunia.

The Picture Ranch 43

Might as well get them into every famous Hotel in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area... Image was taken by Tony Hisgett ( @N00) and used in acc. w/ CCA 2.0

The Picture Ranch 44

I bet at least 2 people laugh out loud. Image from CC0 Public Domain

The Picture Ranch 45

a little bit more... may even finish this soon... Image created by author.

The Picture Ranch 46

In which something, but not so very much, happens. Image is lifted from a Northampton auctioneer's website, the box is long sold, but they still sell such things. I doubt they'll recognise the image after what I've done to it.

The Picture Ranch 47

This Mulvaney's not a square guy... Image source is wikipedia commons.

The Picture Ranch 48

One day Fisher will catch on to what's going on, but I doubt it... Image source wikipedia commons, in the Public Domain.

The Picture Ranch 49

Back there? Again..? Yes. Image from Author's own copy of a US Manual of Arms in PDF form. No known copyright issues.

The Picture Ranch 5

Transportation problems are easily solved...

The Picture Ranch 50

50 up bet you thought we'd never get there... image by Andreas F. Borchert used in acc. w/CC-CA 3.0

The Picture Ranch 51

"Not the -est in the ____ " Fill in your own cliché Image belongs to NBC, BUT is used in accordance with wikipedia's FAIR USE terms

The Picture Ranch 52

Short, bitter and brutal. Like life on the mean streets, eh? May contain scenes of violence, depending on nihilism levels in the main protagonists. Image found on, no known copyright issues.

The Picture Ranch 53

Things move along... a little Image is PD source

The Picture Ranch 54

Where else would you get rid of an "Admiral's" body? Image source is U.S. National Archives and Records Administration and dated 1923 normally that's PD for U.S. sourced stuff. I guess the USN would be more upset about the content than the use of this graphic.

The Picture Ranch 55

Well, now Moffat III is done and dusted for the time being, it's time to move back to pre-WWII California to catch up with Micawber Fisher, P.I. Start at the beginning if you've the patience for it. Image from free for non-commercial use

The Picture Ranch 56

You want some more? Well here's some more. Doncha love it when there's a plot twist? No??? Oh well. Contains two Russian proverbs. Image by improbcat licence CC by SA 3.0

The Picture Ranch 57

Micawber Fisher 's still P.I.-ing in 1940 LA and its environs... I know you don't care, but here is The Picture Ranch Pt 57... No known copyright issues. It's place holding while I check.

The Picture Ranch 58

More of this? Yes, never mind. It won't be seen by many. Anyone noticed how their tweets have become ineffective since the latest "show 8,000,000 tweets" has started? Oh, just me then. Image from no copyright issues.

The Picture Ranch 6

Mo-tel and The Red Menace...

The Picture Ranch 7

Still at the Red Menace and then to the Automat...

The Picture Ranch 8

A drink at the Trocadero...

The Picture Ranch 9

A farewell to arms...